Grey's Anatomy's Elevator Shenanigans Made Us Scream

What's a fan got to do to get some kissing around here?

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Grey's Anatomy, still an evil genius after all these years. 

Tonight's midseason premiere found multiple characters all trapped in elevators in various levels of distress, all because of an insane windstorm, and we were in varying levels of distress as we watched their stories play out. 

First, in the least stressed and most sexy of the elevators, Meredith and DeLuca tip-toed around their potential romance in the sexiest of ways, nearly kissing multiple times and speaking Italian to each other. They shared stories of their past and DeLuca opened up about his family, and finally, after some extremely sexy Italian whispering, they were just about to kiss when the elevator doors finally opened, and they ran off to help with the wind crisis. 

Grey's Anatomy Steamiest Love Triangles

They connected again later as DeLuca found Meredith to ask if she was OK and to officially ask her out after work, only to be interrupted by Link, come to ask if he and Meredith were still on for an after-work date. Mer just smiled, said she was off to see her kids after a long day, and said she'd see "you" later, pointing at both of the hot men vying for her love. 

It was delightful but maddening! 


Elsewhere, in another elevator, Amelia discovered the secret Teddy had been keeping, and things got real, real awkward. Obviously Owen wants to be in the baby's life, but he wants to be with Amelia, but who knows, this is all very complicated. Their elevator doors opened during an argument between Teddy and Amelia, which was quickly stopped as soon as they were free. 

Owen told Amelia nothing had changed for them, but she pointed out that Teddy was still Teddy, and now she was a very viable option, so she was going to give him some time to consider all his options, leaving him alone with baby Leo. 

Love Triangles In Elevators: Grey's Anatomy Stars Talk Midseason Premiere

And in a third elevator, Bailey and the intern Taryn were stuck with a dying Cece, and both in the middle of massive panic attacks. Jackson and Maggie got help from a hospital maintenance guy to get the door open, which they eventually did, and then Taryn reminded everyone of a terrifying possibility. If she were climbing out of the elevator and the elevator started to move again, she'd get cut in half. 

Everyone assured her she'd be fine, and she was, but of course it was the maintenance worker whose legs got stuck when the elevator started running again. This happened a matter of seconds after we'd been screaming over Mer and DeLuca's almost-kiss, so suddenly we were screaming for a different reason. 

Link was ready to cut the guy's legs fully off, but Jackson made him save them, so maintenance guy still has his legs, but we'll never forget the imagery (that we saw in our minds, because we had our eyes closed real fast) of him getting smushed by the elevator. 

Cece, on the other hand, didn't survive, but she apparently left a lasting impression on Meredith and Maggie, who were rethinking their love lives by the end of the episode. 

And finally, Karev, who had just been put in his place by Bailey, won some kudos when he chastised Nico and Levi for hooking up in the ambulance, instead of in the on call room or a closet with a lock on the door, like everybody else has since the dawn of Grey's. Come on guys, haven't you seen this show before? 

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on ABC. 

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