Why Is Colton Underwood Always Showering on The Bachelor?

The reality star loves hygiene, for himself and for women

By Chris Harnick Jan 16, 2019 2:37 PMTags
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Watch The Bachelor and you'll know two things: Colton Underwood is a virgin and apparently Colton Underwood is very clean. That man takes so many showers! How many showers? Well…

"You know how many showers I took? You ready for this? This is a spoiler alert," Colton said on Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti's Almost Famous podcast. "We had a shower B-roll day. It was awesome."

Showers for days. Literally! And for those not in "the know" with production lingo, B-roll is supplemental footage shot to be placed and used with the main scenes/footage.

Colton also said one of his turn offs include poor hygiene. "I'm a hygiene guy, like brush your teeth, put some deodorant on, shower every once in a while," he said. Do any potential mates have to shower every day? No, but "just smell decent."

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On the topic of the whole virgin thing, which he talked about again on the podcast, Colton previously said he's not too thrilled it's become his label.

"I was very open and candid about my virginity and I think a lot of people maybe misunderstood it, or still don't understand why I am a virgin. I think those answers might come out this season, I don't know if people will ever be satisfied with the answer because they just don't understand who I am yet…The thing that I stress the most or at times I get frustrated with is it's just a small part of who I am," Colton told press during a call.

"Instead of it being ‘Colton Underwood, Bachelor,' it's ‘the virgin Colton Underwood,' or it's always led with or followed by ‘virgin.' Do I think that's right? No. Because it's a small part of who I am, it's like saying, ‘Colton Underwood, football player,' and I don't believe that either. I'm a human being. We're all human beings, we all have parts of our life that make us into a unique individual. That just happens to be a small part of my life, something that just makes me into who I am. I think that would probably be the one thing that I would say has been the hardest part since coming into being, if you want to call it, a public figure on the show. Sort of just having people put a label on you," he continued.

The Bachelor airs Mondays, 8 p.m. on ABC.

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