This 90 Day Fiancé "Tell All" Sneak Peek Will Have You Looking at Asuelu and Steven Differently

Exclusive! The cast discusses a controversial moment that set off tempers at the reunion
By Chris Harnick Jan 11, 2019 6:50 PMTags
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During the season, Steven asked Olga for some appreciation. "Have you ever said thank you to me for what I'm doing so far?" Steven asked her in Russia. "No, not really, you really don't, because I'd remember that…Our son cannot be the main thing, we have to keep focusing on us as well. We have to put equal times, the kid can't be before me, I can't put the kid before you, we both have to come equally."

That moment came up again when all the couples gathered.

"Why you need your wife to say ‘thank you' to you, motherf—ker? Your wife didn't want to say "thank you" to you, asshole. You make her pregnant. That's your job, to look after her," Asuelu says in the clip above.

The harsh words from Asuelu take Kalani (and us) by surprise! During the "Tell All," Steven confronts Asuelu about what he finds funny regarding Steven's comments and interaction with host Shaun Robinson.

Kalani chalks it up to Steven's age—he was 20 during filming—and says she can see his point of view, but as a woman who has also given birth, "I'm not going to thank someone for anything if I just pushed a huge baby out of my vagina. It's not going to happen."

So, have Steven's thoughts changed on the matter?

"I think I should've said sorry to Olga," Steven says. Click play to hear why he's changed his tune.

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