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Episode 5: Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Dillon Panthers' record: 3 -1

Tim Riggins demeanour: Scheming.

The Great QB Debate was put to rest on Friday, with J.D. McCoy being named QB1 and Matt Saracen getting demoted to QBSERIOUSLYPISSEDOFFATTHEWORLD.  Coach Taylor seemed like he really wanted to delay the decision another week or two, but buckled under the pressure of the 2-loss cap that the boosters have put on his season.  It would be great to see Saracen get another shot at the top spot, though he isn’t doing himself any favours by threatening to quit the team and sulking around practice like someone stole his lunch money.

Our original QB1, Jason Street, made his first appearance of the season and (figuratively) got into bed with the Riggins brothers in an effort to (literally) get into bed with his baby’s mama.  Hoping to impress her by flipping Buddy Garrity’s house for a quick profit, things soured when she arrived to announce that she’s moving back home, presumably with their baby in tow.  Poor Street is shell-shocked, and surrounded by Tim, Billy and Herc, he doesn’t have a shoulder to cry on.  Not an ideal situation for the Streeter, but it’s good to have him back, and the house-flipping storyline is intriguing. 

Tyra’s love affair with the whimsically airheaded cowpoke Cash (COWBOY1) trudges on, much to Landry and Principal Taylor’s dismay.  Tami sat Tyra down for a pow-wow on both her grades and her questionable choice of boyfriend, and made progress on the former but not the latter.  CB1 then wowed Tyra by taking her to watch a horse get birthed.  Nice move, weirdo.  Either way, I’m assuming the relationship will implode when his seeming addiction to pain-killers comes out, though not before judgement-impaired Tyra further corrupts the always impressionable...

Miss Julie Taylor!  She now has a Tyra-inspired tattoo on her ankle that almost gave Coach T a coronary, and added to Tami Taylor’s week from hell.  Some deft parenting by Mrs. T diffused the situation, and Julie laid off the attitude by the end of the hour.  All is calm in the Taylor household, but with a reunion between Julie and the newly minted QB2 lined up for next week it probably won’t stay that way for long. 

In other news: We got a brief but satisfying visit from the ferret-loving meth-dealer from season 2.  He called Billy a redneck and got punched in the face… Matt Saracen’s mom appears to be sticking around for a while to help out with his grandmother, a welcome respite for the emotionally-frayed Saracen… J.D. McCoy has yet to get much screen-time on the show.  With him starting at QB, this should be the week.

Tyra and Cash
How long will Tyra and Cash's relationship last?
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