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What's up for Rihanna and Chris' future? Yeah, of course, Brown released that pathetic statement (through his publicist, not Facebook), but we aren't satisfied with this superlate sorta-apology. Chris hit all the right notes, all right, calling for help from his family, friends and God.

Please! As predictable as a publicist could pen it. And who cares if anybody swallows it, really, the important question is: Will Rihanna buy it? We asked a pro about the potentially nasty sitch of a reconciliation:

"You'd be surprised by how much bad behavior is tolerated by people in relationships," says relationship expert and psychotherapist Shannon Fox. "Abused women leave their abusers and return an average of nine times before they leave for good or are hospitalized or killed."

Jeez, RiRi's already been to the emergency room—let's hope that was the last straw.

We asked Shannon if there was any way Rihanna and Chris could still remain a couple after this very public incident?

"A relationship with an abusive person should not be mended until the abuser gets serious help with anger management."

Guess he's gonna need more than just the counseling of his pastor. What do ya believe Rihanna will do, and should do, we asked.

"The public nature of the abuse might help Rihanna see the abuse for what it is. She is a role model for women all over the world, and taking a stand against abuse would give women of all ages the inspiration they need to stand up for themselves."

Should Chris's professional life and relationship with his colleagues suffer because of this?

"People can't help but make a character judgment about Chris based on his inexcusable actions. It's difficult to separate our feelings about a person from our feelings about his work."

So, we'll take that as a big fat yes.

Additional reporting by Becky Bain

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