Justin Timberlake Returns to Touring After Suffering From Bruised Vocal Cords

The singer is set to hit the stage for The Man of the Woods Tour this Friday

By Elyse Dupre Jan 04, 2019 5:23 PMTags
Justin Timberlake, Man of the Woods TourMark Nguyen/Live Nation

Justin Timberlake is back.

After months of suffering from bruised vocal cords, the 37-year-old singer is returning to the stage for The Man of the Woods Tour 2019. Timberlake is set to perform Friday, Jan. 4 at the Capital One Arena in Washington D.C. 

JT celebrated the big moment by posting a video of himself prepping for the show on Instagram. 

"First of all, happy New Year! Hope everybody had a great holiday. Second of all, D.C., we're here. We're back. Can't wait! Excited. Y'all ready?" he asked his crew in a video shared Thursday. "Let's go!"

The former 'N Sync band member captioned the footage, "And... we're back. See you tomorrow DC! #MOTWTOUR."

It certainly hasn't been the easiest time for the recording artist. After kicking off his tour in March, Timberlake postponed several concerts towards the end of the year due to bruised vocal cords. In December, he pushed back the remainder of his 2018 shows.

Justin Timberlake: Man of the Woods Tour

"Hey Guys, I'm sure you have heard that I've had to postpone several tour dates due to bruised vocal cords," he wrote via a note shared to Instagram at the time. "My vocal cords are healing, but they are not all the way back to normal yet, so my doctors want me to continue to rest my voice. They have asked me to hold off on singing until next month. I'm really sorry, I want to be back on the stage and I am doing all I can to get there quickly. Thank you for understanding—I see all of your posts and I appreciate the support and the love. I look forward to coming back stronger than I was before. More to come on rescheduled dates."

Luckily, some of Timberlake's celebrity friends offered to help him out. Jonah Hill, for instance, joked he could serve as a substitute.

"I have decided to fill in got JT on his remaining dates," the actor wrote on Instagram. "It's what we do in our incredibly small circle of people with extraordinary voices. Feel better. I got you until you do." 

Still, the "SexyBack" singer tried to make the best of a tough situation. For instance, he did a completely silent interview during his vocal rest on The Tonight Show.

Host Jimmy Fallon and Timberlake's wife, Jessica Biel, also helped him out.

Here's to a happy and healthy 2019, Justin!

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