Selena Gomez Is "Excited for the New Year" as She Focuses on Her Health

The singer has had several health problems in recent years and spent time in treatment centers getting help for anxiety and depression this year.

By Corinne Heller Dec 29, 2018 11:10 PMTags
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Selena Gomez is looking forward to what 2019 will bring as she continues focusing on her health following years of turmoil.

In 2015, the 26-year-old singer revealed that she has lupus and in 2017, she she underwent a kidney transplant. Earlier this year, Gomez was hospitalized for conditions related to her autoimmune disease and also entered a treatment center twice to deal with anxiety and depression, which are common symptoms of lupus.

A source told E! News earlier this month that the singer had returned to her home and was "healthy and feeling a lot happier." Another source said on Saturday that Gomez is "in a much better place" and was continuing to focus on her health. On Friday and Saturday, she was photographed leaving a Pilates studio in Los Angeles.

The singer has recently been taking private classes there, the source said, adding, "She loves that the heat truly cleanses her body and she has been feeling much better since going frequently."

Another source told E! News that Gomez is "excited for the new year."

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"She's feeling like this is a fresh start and she has new skills to help her navigate daily life. She's doing well and is feeling great," the source continued. "She's following a simple daily routine that involves a work out, either hiking, Pilates or hot yoga, therapy sessions and spending time with friends."

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Gomez, the source said, is also "going to church and surrounding herself with the right people."

"She is working with several professionals that are helping her focus on being positive and staying healthy," the source said. "She is spending time with them daily and has a strong support system in place."

In recent weeks, Gomez has been photographed out with friends around Southern California.

"Selena has been hanging out with her close group of girlfriends she has had for many years and enjoys chill nights at home," the first source said. "Selena has a whole different mindset about life now, and is learning everyday from the best life-coach and specialists who she works with. She is really living a low-key lifestyle."

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