Jessica Alba


They don't need the stuff, so why do rich celebrities always do baby registries?
—Danielle, Scottsdale, Ariz.

Not always, actually.

Behold, Jessica Alba!

This B!tch has learned that the expectant almost-A-lister is taking a different approach than fellow celebumoms, such as the expectant Jamie Lynn Spears and moms Xtina, Jennifer Lopez and Britney. Instead of registering for, say, a $1,250 snakeskin diaper bag or a pile of $116 organic blankets at Petit Tresor, Alba is trolling certificates.

It's a price-conscious decision, a source close to the situation tells this B!tch, so that everyone, rich or poor, famous or Bai Ling, can get Alba something within their unique comfort zone. The store, of course, is still Petit Tresor, the place to shop for $1,250 snakeskin diaper bags.

Just in case, you know, you want to call and get Alba a $20 gift certificate toward that bag. (And strange fans do buy gifts for celebrities off of registries—all the time. "We always put a note on the gift, indicating that it's from a fan, 'You don't know me,' et cetera," Petit Tresor co-owner Nina Takesh says.)

It's an unusual decision for a star, the gift certificates. Xtina, Lopez and both Spears sisters have all done old-fashioned gift registries, all at Petit Tresor (Nicole Kidman, just to be different, does not have one there). In the case of Lopez, reports had her gunning for a $1,780 changing table and a baby carriage worth $3,495.

Those selections would seem outrageous, except that people actually buy the stuff.

"People absolutely buy those items off of celebrity registries," Takesh says. "Typically, celebrity baby registries encompass all price ranges, from low to high."

Typical examples: Those organic baby blankets, $59 crib mobiles and baby bottles that cost $12.50 each. Even big stars register for those.

As for why the stars do registries at all, well, you try shopping for Jennifer Lopez without a tour guide.

"The registry is great for people who might not be as close to the person, say, someone who worked with the star on the set and wants to get a gift," Takesh explains. "Someone who may not be a great friend but had a relationship with the star and who wants to help celebrate the new baby.

"In those cases, it's easier to buy something off the registry rather than coming up with an idea on their own."

Hey, I have an idea! How about a snakeskin breast pump?

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