A major exposé on Tom Cruise isn't the only big project Andrew Morton's penning—he’s also releasing a book on some of TomKat’s closest buds, the Beckhams! But which book will be more delish and scandalous? Plus, which starlet is dropping weight faster than Paris drops good-girl personas?
Tom Cruise

Ash Knotek/Snappers/ZUMApress.com

As I said yesterday, British dirty-book writer (and Princess Di doer) Andrew Morton is still very much planning on coming forth with his Tom Cruise exposé shortly—at least, this year—or so I'm assured by Morton campers. But before that blessed USA event occurs:

"He's releasing his Posh & Becks book here first," sniffs the overseas source. I do just love how Andy's snooping—unauthorized—Tom and Katie's bestest pals (and now Beverly Hills nabes), David and Victoria Beckham, immediately prior to the even bigger tabloid kahunas, that being TomKat, don't you?

Victoria Beckham, David Beckham

Daniele Venturelli/WireImage.com

Of course, you do. Otherwise, you wouldn't be reading this missive.

Do you think Becks and Tommy C. will be pooling legal ammunition (and resulting bills) so they can get double their effectiveness? Or do they both just pretend to be perturbed while being secretly pleased by all the tumult?

I say both.

Pooftah P.S.: I know of at least one very damning reported story Morton's considering putting in his snark job, can't wait to see if it makes the final cut. And, uh, this would be considering the Cruise exposé, not the other, quelle surprise.
Angelina Jolie


"She is skeletal."

Angelina Jolie colleague, regarding the gal's diminishing va-va-voom figure

A.J., or Saint So-Long Slut, as I like to call her (takes a former tramp to know one, I'll admit), is really beginning to make certain professional film heavies (as it were) start to wonder what the hell's goin' on with that honey's diet. Not to mention where the heck she gets energy to be mama to 10 zillion kiddos with practically no meat on her diminishing frame.

"What is Brad doing about it?" I asked the Pitt-Jolie mover 'n' shaker, thinking, perhaps naively, that B.P. might want to force-feed his honey a little KFC. The response was not quite as I expected:

"It's all a PR game," answered the P-J insider, regarding B's concerns regarding A's weight loss. "So, it depends on that."

Excuse me? Somebody's very life is a question of media relations?

All I have to say is, Nicole Richie must be lovin' the hell out of this one.

Paris Hilton


Speaking of my fave fallen femme (separated by only one degree), apparently, we Awfulites weren't the only ones smelling something funky around Paris Hilton this past weekend. After our report that the heiress was blazing a suspicious-looking stogie at Les Deux Saturday night, those intrepid New York Post peeps claimed P.H. lit up before she hit up Teddy's last weekend. 

Hmmm...So, they can smell weird-ass stuff all the way in New York, too, huh? Who knew?

'Course, as we said prior, perhaps we're all a tad confused and just mixing P.H.'s hand-rolled jobs with the Mary Jane variety, who the ef knows?


Richard Lewis/WireImage.com

Sting, doin' din-din 'n' drinks with wife-unit Trudie Styler. The normally sweet duo (who've argued a helluva lot more than most folks know, a big-ass secret, almost as stinky as the never talked about enormous rat population in Beverly Hills, no joke) was spotted getting their grub on at Nikki Beach and Pearl in Miami last weekend. Kept their cool, they did! Sting 'n' Tru also kept their food strictly fishy—grouper ceviche for an app, then mahimahi and salmon. Sting knocked back three vodka-cran cocktails, while his woman stuck to white wine. Cheers to 50-plus and fabulously ferocious couples! Pampered peeps elsewhere included...

Mike Tyson

Mary Ann Owen/ZUMApress.com

Mike Tyson, getting invited into the ESPYs Style Studio at the Mondrian hotel. Apparently, the beefy boxer wasn't even scheduled to come and just happened to be walking outside the hotel while the event was going on. Too perf! Mike was "very quiet, shy and soft-spoken" as he scored Retribution hoodies, shoes from Zappos.com and some Bed Head coiffure products. (Does he even have any follicles to style? Oh, well.) Sounds like rehab really has mellowed the nasty dude out, huh? Also makin' the swag suite rounds was...

Roger Cross

Marianna Day Massey/ZUMAPress.com

Roger Cross, along with his son, who was strapped in a stroller. The tall 'n' brawny dude was spotted pushing his tyke around the gift lounge as he stocked up on gratis goods. The proud papa was casual in a T-shirt and jeans and accompanied by a blond female...publicist or girlfriend? Other celebs stoppin' by the ESPYs suite included Ian Ziering, practicing his golf swing, and Keenan Thompson, getting in some batting practice. The ESPYs, aka the "Oscars of the sporting world," air this Sunday on ESPN, if you're into it.

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