David Archuleta, David Cook, American Idol: Season 7

Michael Becker / FOX

Let's get ready to rummmmmmble!!!

Or maybe...giggle at the forced drama.

You gotta hand it to the AI producers. They pulled out all the stops tonight (cheeseball capes and boxing gloves, roaring music and slo-mo fight footage) to make it seem as though David Archuleta and David Cook were (a) actually competitive with each other and (b) about to have their careers made or broken by the number of votes they get tonight.

The truth, of course, is that both Davids have proven they have such enormous talent and rabid fanbases that it really doesn't matter who "wins" at this point. "As far as I'm concerned, the competition's over and we're just having fun," David Cook said at the top of the show (after ditching the shiny robe). Holler!

Still, that didn't stop Flattop Flyboy (Simon Cowell) from declaring a "winner" after each round, awarding a victory each time—and at the very end of the night—to David "Archie" Awwwwrchuleta.

If you happen to be a die-hard David Cook fan who's screaming "Bastard!" at your telly, because you can't possibly fathom how Simon considered Archuleta better than Cook, I can tell you exactly why...

In real life, Archuleta's voice booms and reverberates throughout every inch of the theater—even a 7,000 seater like the Nokia. You just have to be there to really experience it, but suffice to say it's hard to not feel all tingly from your nosehairs to the tip of your toes when he's singing. (It makes David C [whom I love] sound a bit...stifled by comparison.)

But of course, while Archuleta can be predictable and boring at times, David Cook is anything but, and his truly unique musical interpretation and vocal prowess also do wow.

When it comes to the final vote, it may be best for Cook's rocker-rebel cred if he does not come out the final winner (aka Chris Daughtry), while, from where I'm sitting, it's better for American Idol if Cook does win, 'cause it ups the show's cool factor.

So who will win? And who should win? My money's on Archuleta after all the unabashed Simon praise (even though I will feverishly sprint to the store when Cook's first album drops), but what matters is what you think, so sound off in the poll and rummmmble in the comments below!

David Vs. David
Who Will Win American Idol?
Who Should Win American Idol
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