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From Ben Silverman, just moments ago, on the Office spinoff: "It will be from the same show runner as the Office mothership...We want to make sure it is what we want it to be and in no way damages the mothership. We will only bring it to market if it’s up to the quality we want."

So what are the answers to the questions we posted below in the Office spinoff report? The answer is, there are no answers.

Per inside sources at NBC: The Office spinoff does not exist—at least as of yet.

Greg Daniels

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I'm told the powers that be at NBC have been trying to come up with a premise for the past year, and they have: Nothing. They do know it makes for a neat headline, and they trust Greg Daniels, so for now the Office spinoff flies on a wing and a prayer and not much else.

Everyone involved hopes and prays it will work out, though there are no guarantees. As noted above by Ben Silverman, NBC reserves the right to change (i.e., discard) anything and everything in this "new, early schedule" it has announced. And this Office spinoff could very well be one of those things, given the fact that they've yet to break ground on a premise, and are not even sure if they will really want to borrow characters from the original to transplant to the new...

Will Arnett

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That's not to say they don't want it to happen—they totally do, and they are apparently hoping to target a few actor types like Will Arnett (can you imagine?! so good), but everything is so beyond preliminary right now that the answers to all your questions about this new Office are these: NA, TBD and TBA...not available, to be determined and to be announced.

The Office Spinoff
Where should they set the next Office?

Come on. Share your fave Office spinoff premise in the comments. You know you want to...

—Additional reporting by Korbi Ghosh


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