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Michelle in Chicago:  Thank you so much for the Office scoop!  I've been in serious John Krasinski withdrawal. Can't wait for April 10!
Actually, you'll get your John Krasinski fix April 3 when he hosts NBC's Thursday night comedy lineup. They're going to replay the last four episodes of The Office, and J.K. will be previewing scenes from his upcoming movie, Leatherheads, with Mr. George Clooney. Very fancy, our little Halpert has gotten, no?!

Kate in East Lansing, Mich.:  I know people love Pam and Jim together, but I was always a fan of Karen, too. Will we ever see her again?
There are no definite plans to see Karen again, but it's a total possibility. Greg Daniels told me he thinks Rashida Jones is fantastic and said they worked out a deal with the Unhitched producers, which allowed her to return to The Office earlier this season, and they have one more opportunity to use her as part of that arrangement.

Annabelle in Toronto, Ontario:  Is Tori Spelling gonna be on the 90210 spinoff or what?
's been telling everyone that she's down to reprise her role as Donna Martin, but insiders tell me Jennie Garth is the girl Rob Thomas wants. Sadly for Thomas, Jennie just booked a CBS pilot, but it's possible she could do both since CBS and the CW are in the same family. I say they should bring Tori on either way. Me loves me some Donna Martin.

Phil in Fresno, Calif.:  Any more info on the 90210 spinoff?!
I got a sneak peek at parts of the pilot script and, let me tell you, there was many a pop-culture reference in it. Actually, it reminded me a little of Ellen Page's SNL monologue...

Dina in Lake Charles, La.:  Any scoopage on my dear Samantha Who?
Jerry O'Connell
is guest starring as Craig in the Samantha Who? episode shooting next week. He plays a man Samantha (Christina Applegate) literally meets on the street and asks out on a date to accompany her to ex-boyfriend Todd's (Barry Watson) art gallery show. She's pretty much doing this to make Todd jealous. Oh, and did I mention the nude photos of Sam? No. OK, then, here you go: There are nude photos of Sam.

Sidney in Tacoma, Wash.: Gaaah! Someone just told me Josh Hartnett is doing an eight-episode arc on 30 Rock as a love interest for Liz Lemon. Say it ain't so!

Josh Hartnett

Danielle Venturelli/WireImage.com

It ain't so. A rep for the show tells me, "That rumor is totally not true." By the way, if you have questions for Tina Fey, send 'em in to tvdiva@eonline.com before tomorrow afternoon and we'll try to get you answers!

Vale in Buenos Aires, Argentina: Do you have any info about Prison Break? Is it coming back?
Yes, as of today, Prison Break is officially coming back this fall for 22 episodes.

Frank in Orlando:  Kristin, thanks for the Pushing Daisies coverage last week! Oh, how I've missed those lovely people of Coeur d'Coeur. What's the latest?
Forgot to mention the two things that personally knocked my socks off: (1) Chi McBride said his character was the one behind it all on The Nine! And no, he was not joking. I checked with him later on, and he said, "Yeah, I was the big bad. I knew it all along. I had money troubles." (2) Bryan Fuller revealed that the fact that Ned's pooch Digby looks so good for his age is an indicator that Chuck will not age. Anna Friel joked that she's gonna have to hook up a lot of Botox if the series goes on for a long time. Regardless, yet another crazy-ass obstacle for one of TV's sweetest couples.

Kyle Chandler, Friday Night LIghts

Bill Records/NBC

Jordan in Philadelphia:  I took your word for it, Kristin, and decided to check out Friday Night Lights. Bought the season-one DVD the other day, and I am officially hooked. Any news what's up with season three?
Yay! We love converts! Anyway, at the Paley Festival event for Friday Night Lights, show runner Jason Katims said it would be two or three weeks until an announcement was made, and that while they are talking to DirecTV, they are not only talking to DirecTV. Hmmm...Katims also spilled that they'd likely start season three at the beginning of a new year—meaning what happened between episode 15 of season two and the first episode of season three would be filled in as backstory.

Shannon in Pleasant Grove, Utah:  I need more Life! I will die without it! (Note: Your recent FNL posting inspired the previous pun!)
OK, but only because you are the spark of Life today...For you fans of Firefly's Our Mrs. Reynolds, count on Christina Hendricks returning to Life as Crews' stepmother-to-be. Says Life show runner Rand Ravich, "We love Christina in so many different ways. She's great in the show. Yes, she'll absolutely be back. I'm looking at her character's name on my board right now." For her part, I asked Christina about Life at the recent Mad Men event at the Academy of Television, and she told me she planned to do both series, assuming the timing works out...

Lee in Carson, Calif.:  Have you covered Dr. Horrible yet and I missed it?
I have covered it nowhere. I stopped myself from quoting Joss' "It will come out somewhere, possibly on the computer," in the Buffy reunion item because it seemed off-topic. For those of you who haven't heard, before Joss gets to working on Dollhouse, he's doing the Internet musical miniseries Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Say what? "It's the story of a low-rent supervillain (Neil Patrick Harris as Dr. Horrible), the hero who keeps beating him up (Nathan Fillion as Captain Hammer), and the cute girl from the laundromat he's too shy to talk to (Felicia Day as Penny)." It will come out somewhere, possibly on the computer. In the meantime, there is a very excellent Dr. Horrible fansite with lots more info.

Richard B. in Deatsville, Ala.:  It took me 20-plus years to read The Dark Tower series, and in all those years the only time I have ever actually seen Roland was when Kate asked Sawyer what he was doing and he said, "Same thing I've always done...survivin'." I would love to know what Damon, Carlton and Stephen King think....
I looked up this Dark Tower thing of which you speak and now I have to read seven books. Thanks for nothing! However, if you're a Lost fan and a Stephen King fan, you'll be über-happy to know that according to ComingSoon.net, Damon Lindelof and J.J. Abrams might be working on a Dark Tower adaptation as we speak.

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross


Georgia in New York City:  Any non-Britney scoop on How I Met Your Mother?
Gladly! Craig Thomas tells me: "Our third episode is this hilarious Barney episode called 'The Final Four' that has Neil trying to figure out which woman from his past is stalking him, which woman from his past is so embittered at him that she is trying to ruin his current life. She's following him around and telling various women he hits on not to date him because he's a bastard. The way he has to figure it out is that, since it's in the middle of the NCAA tournament, he makes a bracket of 64 women, and he pits them against each other. Like, between these two women, who would be more pissed off at me—and sort of narrow it down to the final four. So it's like the pre-NCAA March Madness episode." Um, awesome.

Loreen in Greenwich, Conn.:  Poor Marshall and Lily, their apartment is crooked!
Yeah, the newlyweds will have a bit of a rough time this year. I'm told Marshall will quit his job at the law firm, but not before his boss unleashes a screaming tirade on him.

Hilarie Burton, One Tree Hill

Fred Norris ©2007 THE CW NETWORK

Teresa in Sun Valley, Idaho:  OTH's 100th was really good, but I'm dying now to know what will happen with Peyton and Lucas. Any hope?!
I'm told he'll be pining over Lindsay for a while, so nothing will happen right-quick with Peyton. Hilarie Burton tells me, "I think that Lucas is still such a purpose in her world that it would be good to get away from that for a little bit—so when she comes back to it, it still has its passion and it's important." Hilarie says, "As Peyton's heart is breaking, she's putting her energy and her love into something else that will be rewarding. And music is going to play a really big role in that. I really like that Peyton's got this record label. I think it's important to show young women entrepreneurship and that you can take pride in something other than who you are dating." You said it, sister!

Wendy in Ontario, Calif.:  On Brothers & Sisters, what's up with my favorite family on TV, the Walkers? Will we find out whether Rebecca is legit?
Yes, indeed you will! And soon, actually. It's pretty major what goes down...more on that later after I wrap my head around it. In general, the storylines are moving forward pretty quickly in the first episodes back...You'll also find out whether McCallister is on the Republican presidential ticket and if Mama Walker is leaving the Walker nest!

Taylor Momsen, Gossip Girl

Andrew Eccles / The CW

Annie in Sandpoint, Idaho:  Anything on Gossip Girl?
Look for a good-looking dog walker named Asher to charm his way into little Jenny's life. I'm hearing he scores major points with dad Rufus, too!

Nina in Cape Cod, Mass.:  On The Office, I can't wait to see Michael and Dwight go clubbing with Ryan!
You're not alone. And by the way, I'm hearing they might be accompanied by one of Ryan's corporate coworkers, and the character has much hilarious potential. I guess he is in his 20s, supershort and a serious party boy.

Nat in Nashville:  I'm in dire need of Criminal Minds dish! Help a girl out, won't you?
Nicholas Brendon starts shooting his third ep of Criminal Minds this week. He told me about his character Kevin's thing with Garcia: "We're doing it. Well, we did it. You'll see. We did it—and then she became my partner." Ooh-la-la!

James Roday, Psych

Alan Zenuk/USA Network

Julie in Huntington Beach, Calif.: On Psych, have they started casting Shawn's mother yet? Any news on who we'll see?
They're working on casting the Shawn-mom right this minute, and they're hoping for somebody big...like maybe a former Academy Award winner, although I'm personally rooting for '80s TV actresses, e.g., Joanna Kerns. As for the rest of the season-opener, Psych boss Steve Franks tells me, "So far there's a fair amount of weighty stuff in the premiere as well as our most unexpected culprit yet. We learn so much of the origin of the issues between Henry and Shawn. Oh, and it's a ghost story, too..."

Katie in Grand Rapids, Mich.:  Are you going to watch The Riches this season? I thought last week's premiere was awesome.
I will. Especially after hearing about all the drama that's going to go down between Wayne and Dahlia. Though they've always seemed so in love, Minnie Driver says they don't have sex once this season! Sadly, though, I'm told there may be a bit of extramarital action going on.

Bill in Los Angeles:  Whatever happened to that rumor that Susan is losing the baby? Will she still be pregnant when Desperate returns?
Indeed. Susan will be attending Lamaze class and preparing for her new arrival when we see her next.

Sarah Drew

The WB/ Patrick Ecclesine

Anne in Eugene, Ore.:  Can you tell me more about the "Wicked Game" eps of Medium?
The twist is in the title. Sarah Drew will break your heart. The Joe-centric subplot appears to have been planned as part of NBC's Green Week last fall and involves a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover girl. I usually crack up laughing at Intense Diabolical Fiend characters, but this villain had me absolutely captivated and convinced. Great performances all around.

Leslie in Chicago:  Do you know anything about Lindsay's dad and/or her new love interest on Women's Murder Club?
Lindsay and her dad, Marty (played by Gerald McRaney, yay!), haven't spoken for six years. Lindsay thinks that back in the day her dad was a dirty cop. She thinks he's a nogoodnik and wants nothing to do with him, but he swears his sudden reappearance in her life is not because he's messing with her current investigation but because he's protecting her from powerful people who think she's a bit too successful for her own good.

FYI, there will be no chat next week because of some internal E! Online stuff. (Which is to say, the E! Online site will be changing again shortly, but don't worry: All the Watch with Kristin stuff stays put!) Meanwhile, if you have Q's for the casts of Lost, Dirty Sexy Money and Mad Men, or the producers of The X-Files, send 'em in to tvdiva@eonline.com! Me love you long time!

—Additional reporting by Korbi Ghosh and Jennifer Godwin

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