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Tubers, dare to dream.

Case in point: Many of you wrote on the Watch with Kristin message boards that you'd love for world's best boss Michael Scott from NBC's The Office to hit jury duty, just as his real-life counterpart, Steve Carell, recently did.

Well, guess what? Steve Carell himself says that's precisely what is in the works. This Office dish is just part of the juicy goodness our intern emeritus Marisa Roffman scored when she hit up the big event of the weekend: WonderCon in San Fran. (What, did you think I was gonna say that other awards thingy?)

During the panel for Get Smart, Carell told the audience that the Office cast goes back to work in two weeks. And although he won't be penning any episodes for this season, he is planning to write an episode for next season based on his recent two-week jury-duty stint, where he served on a case in which neither of the parties spoke English and required a translator. (You can just imagine Michael's tact and cultural sensitivity in full effect, right? God bless him!)

Joshua Jackson

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Elsewhere at the Con, Joshua Jackson, who is now rumored to be unavailable for his Grey's stint as Cristina's lover (booo!), was also unavailable to do press for the film Shutter, because he's working on the new J.J. Abrams pilot, Fringe, up in Toronto (yay!). However, his Shutter costar James Kyson Lee (Heroes' Ando) represented, and he acknowledged that "some things worked and some things didn't" in Heroes' second season, and that in the next chapter, "Villains," Hiro and Ando will share more time together.

Still, not to bruise Michael Scott's fragile ego, but it's clear that the panel of this year's WonderCon was the X-Files movie, where fans camped out for hours to see, among other things, the world premiere of the movie trailer (which you can see a shakey, fan-filmed version of here...) 

The room went nuts. And the panel received a standing ovation. Seems people are, um, looking forward to this? Who knew?! Oh, right, everyone.

Though creator Chris Carter and his crew were tight-lipped about movie spoilers, C.C. did say very firmly that no one is ever really dead in The X-Files, raising speculation that we may see the likes of the Lone Gunmen or Cigarette-Smoking Man in the flick. There were also whisperings that Skinner would be in the movie (though the only official casting that has been confirmed thus far is David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Amanda Peet, Billy Connolly and Xzibit.)

So, how excited are you for the X-Files movie, the return of Michael Scott and Pacey Freaking Witter (swoon!) joining up with J.J. Abrams?! Comment below!

P.S.: One final word of advice to you Office fans, straight from the mouth of Carell: "You should try to work 'That's what she said' into every conversation, because it really works." Always a good time, as evidenced by the NBC promo below, which never fails to leave me satisfied and smiling...

—Additional reporting by Marisa Roffman

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