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It was like a family reunion at the Paley Center for Media last week when the cast of Scrubs met up for a farewell panel session with fans. “Look how skinny you are!” Donald Faison squealed while grabbing Zach Braff’s newly svelte midriff. “I've lost a few pounds,” Zach blushed. “I'm not afraid to admit it.”

Because of the writers' strike, Scrubs halted production last month, which means the entire cast had catching up to do. And it was the perfect climate for a tell-all with loyal viewers. “We’ll answer anything tonight,” executive producer Bill Lawrence exclaimed. “You wanna know who Zach’s dating?”

Sadly, he didn’t follow through on that particular tidbit, but we did learn quite a bit about what’s to come for our friends at Sacred Heart...Dig in for the scoop!

Carla and Turk Expecting?  “Carla's definitely angling for more kids!” Judy Reyes shared excitedly. “Before [production] was cut off, she was actually scheming to that effect, in a way that Turk would respond to. I hope we get to finish that story. I can’t even imagine the lengths to which Carla will go to get pregnant again.”

J.D. Hearts Elliot Forever:  “Half the audience wants them together, and half wants them apart. You can’t please everyone!” Zach insisted. But Bill Lawrence isn’t hearing any of it. He’s convinced he’s come up with the perfect way to resolve the Dorian-Reed saga before the series ends. Which way is young Braff leaning? “I'm a romantic,” he told me. “I want them to end up together. I like happy endings to love stories.”

The Jordan Show:  With the writers on strike and scripted TV out of business, Bill Lawrence just may quell his boredom with a foray into reality programming. The star of his new series? Real-life wife Christa Miller, who plays Dr. Cox’s caustic spouse, Jordan: “We could do the Jordan spinoff without actually writing it. We could pretty much just film you running around at home,” he informed his better half. Her response? “Bill's new joke, when people ask if I’m anything like my character, is, ‘Christa is meaner than Jordan in real life.’ ” Oh, he kids!

Dr. Cox Will Destroy Hugh Jackman:  Why is the man who played Wolverine so often the object of such venom in Perry’s weekly rants? “We just figured he would probably hate a guy that talented. He sings, he dances,” Bill Lawrence explained. “And he’s absolutely gorgeous,” added John C. McGinley. Of course, that’s not the answer Bill gave a group of Australian fans who demanded to know the reason for such bitter attacks on their beloved countryman. “I think Hugh Jackman is great,” he told them. “But John C. McGinley just hates him!”

The Todd Could Win a Grammy:  “You crashed my Website,” Robert Maschio exclaimed when I saw him in the lobby. “After you wrote about "The Todd Song," so many people visited the site that it broke! They told me I exceeded the bandwidth for the day. We’re really excited about it. I had been plotting for months to do like a Beastie Boys-style rap. My brother's a musician, so he wrote the music, and I wrote the lyrics, and we’re just glad people seem to like it. Now, we’re talking about putting out a comedy-rap CD. We want to do like 10 songs.” Would they all be about the Todd’s penis? “I don't know,” he answered. “I think there are some copyright issues!”

Kelso Could Gain a Few:  Is Kelso retiring? You’re damn right, Skippy! His farewell ep has already been shot and will air in January. But does he plan on staying outta sight, outta mind? “Well, you have to remember that Kelso won muffins for life!” Ken Jenkins joked about a recent storyline. “I wouldn’t bet on him going anywhere.”

The Janitor Ain't Getting Hitched:  As you know, Neil Flynn has a love interest this season, and he’s thrilled: “It’s a nice gift from Bill. I think it shows that [the Janitor] is not a completely insane lunatic. They’re not going to get married or anything, but we’ll definitely see her again.” But will she spill the beans on the Janitor’s real name? “I still don’t know what it is,” Neil admitted. “I’m leaving that up to Bill. But I don’t think it’ll be anything crazy.” But it will be the end of an era. “When you know his name, you know it's over,” Mr. Lawrence shared. “That will be the end of the show.” So very SATC!

And Make No Mistake, the Show Will End:  This is most definitely the last year. There will be no eleventh-hour renewal. But rest assured, the series will get its proper farewell, strike or no strike. Bill said they have not yet written the last six, but they’re already outlined, and he knows how it will all play out. “We're not going to leave a lot of loose ends undone. We're gonna wrap things up for all the fans that have stuck with us for seven years. I'm going to find a way. I imagine the [final season] DVD would actually sell a lot better if it includes a few unseen episodes. And if it doesn't make economic sense to do that, we'll shoot ‘em in my backyard and put 'em on YouTube.” Holla.

A Sacred Heart Spinoff?  Reality-show jokes aside, Bill says there’s a chance: “We’ve had so much fun with these characters, and if there’s a way to keep it going, spin one of ‘em off, we’ll do it.”

—With reporting by Korbi Ghosh

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