Lost: Elizabeth Mitchell


Amazing, right? Elizabeth Mitchell knocks another one out of the park! What did we ever do without our beautiful Juliet? Now, let's dissect this episode...


Delicious Babies!  At long last, we learn something about the Others' freakish obsession with the wee little ones. They can't have their own, so in one manner or another, they need ours. And if they can't have ours, they'll be happy to take our women for experimentation, testing and so on. The presence of the six billionish people in the outside world who can procreate means nothing to them, though. Why? Why can't they leave the island? And why do they have to procreate on the island—why couldn't they replenish by immigration? Grrr...Get your own zygotes, you crazy freaks!

Poor Juliet:  Juliet is playing our Losties, but she's a mama bear torn away from her family, and she will do anything to get back to them—you can't blame her for that; it's human nature. And she's all alone in this, trapped between psychotic mad scientists in one corner and very pissed-off castaways in the other (not to mention the fact that Ana-Lucia killed her lovah, Goodwin!). Even though I love our Losties first, I can't help but feel for Juliet.

Poor Jaters:  I've learned my lesson about saying which way I'd personally like the love triangle to go (hate mail is not my cup o' tea), but I want you to know that Jaters, I feel for ya! That long, lingering, emotional hug between Kate and Sawyer must have been excruciating to watch—and Jack's right there with ya. 

Easter Eggs:  Herarat Airport, huh? Herarat is an anagram for Earhart, as in Amelia Earhart who disappeared in the South Pacific! It also sounds a lot like "hieratic," which is like a slang form of Egyptian hieroglyphics. (Remember the countdown timer in the hatch? And yes, of course, I had to look that stuff up.) Oh, and that symbol on Ethan's dead-drop tree is one brushstroke removed from the traditional symbol for the astrological sign of Pisces, which also happens to be my sign. Coincidence? I think not!

Ethan Is an American Idol Fan:  I could have sworn I saw him sitting in the audience in a blue checkered hat cheering on Blake last night. Is Idol the Others' heaven?  

Chemotherapy and Crimes of Passion:  What do you guys think—did "Jacob" really cure Rachel's cancer? And for that matter, did you believe that Ethan went off the reservation when he kidnapped Claire, or was he just following orders? Or for that matter, did he have a crush on Claire and want her for his very own, as many of you have long speculated?

Fan Plea of the Week:  Craig in Alberta, Canada, writes: "Please tell me that Kate and Juliet will eventually get along. I think they are both great; plus, if Kate likes her, then Sun, Sawyer and Claire will, then Jin and Charlie, then Hurley, so it will all be good and everyone will stand around holding hands!" Awww...


Things Are Getting Nutty:  Sawyer attacks Locke. Sun is pretty much screwed. And from the looks of the promo, an Oompa Loompa gets hung in a tree. Plus, check out my Lostapalooza column that launches Friday, and you'll learn what physical changes the Losties' camp endured to accommodate what certainly looked to be a hot and heavy love scene between Kate and Sawyer. (Could somebody get me a poster of that shot of her hand making its way down his ripped abs? I'd like to give it to my mom.)  

By the way, if you haven't seen it yet, check out my exclusive one-on-one with the truly lovely Elizabeth Mitchell for tons more on what she thinks about the character of Juliet and her relationship with Jack, Ben and all the rest of the folks on that uncharted desert isle...

P.S. Thanks for the Save One Show (SOS) shout-out in the sand, Losties! 

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin

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