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Christopher Knight has weighed in! On his MySpace blog, the former Brady writes that he felt "compelled to respond" to his TV mom's comments about his TV real-life marriage:

"Let me begin by saying that I love Adrianne with all my heart and can't begin to imagine life without her. Our marriage is as true and certain as the love we share as Husband and Wife. Although we met under the most unlikely circumstances, our romance then and relationship now is as real as any that ever been created.

"It hurts me deeply that someone that I have loved and respected for so many years; someone that has held an esteemed position in my life, would discuss overtly negative personal opinions about my marriage in a public forum. Since I was a child I looked up to Florence as a consummate professional and as a woman of unique class. I can only hope these recent comments are an aberration or better yet, taken completely out of context..."


Adrianne Curry's husband may have grown up Brady, but she doesn't feel that gives Florence Henderson the right to act like the stereotypically disapproving mother-in-law.

The model and My Fair Brady costar has taken Henderson to task for her recent comment suggesting that Curry's marriage to Christopher "Peter Brady" Knight was engineered by VH1 to boost ratings.

"For...Henderson to use the Television Critic's Association as a platform devoted only to disrespecting another individual who is completely unrelated to the [TV] movie she was supposed to be promoting is grossly unprofessional, irresponsible and immature," began a statement Curry's publicist released Friday to

The quintessential TV mom voiced her opinion Tuesday at the Hallmark Channel's TCA panel while promoting her upcoming movie Ladies of the House.

"When Christopher Knight was doing The Surreal Life, he was very much involved with this person he had met on the set, so I think they were pressuring him to get married," Henderson said. "He asked me if I could come in and counsel them while they were dating and I did, but they didn’t listen to me at all."

Curry remembers their courtship a little differently, however.

"Ms Henderson has been in this business a long time and should know better by now," the rebuttal statement continues. "Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry never asked Florence Henderson (an actress) for counseling. Ms. Henderson doesn't personally know Adrianne Curry so she has no basis in which to publicly voice inaccurate and hurtful judgmental opinions about Ms. Curry or Knight's decision to marry her."

And, FYI: "Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry enjoy a solid healthy relationship in a happy marriage."

The former Playboy cover girl also addressed her feelings on a more personal, albeit slightly contradictory, note on her MySpace page.

"[Henderson] may not be asking for it, but I am going to give it to her. My anger is released," Curry wrote in a blog entry dated July 9.

"I am sorry she is acting this way, and am a little embarrassed for her. I was nothing but nice to her when we met, and she had it out for me before I said a word. I even hope her tv movie does well, since she is so desperate to generate attention for it. I pray she has the right mind to at least give my husband a call and apologize to HIM.

"She disrespected him and hurt him in her attempt for attention. If she loves him as much as she says, I know she will do the right thing. I wish this could have worked out better. Lord knows I tried to connect with 'this person', but it is obvious that it was never meant to be. I just wish she could be more professional about this. It's weird to have someone on the level of Mr Rogers and Barney hate you. I must be the bad child ;)"

She and Knight tied the knot May 29, 2006, the nuptials taking center stage on the second season of My Fair Brady.

Meanwhile, Knight has remained strangely silent throughout all this, probably not wanting to rock the boat as the 20th anniversary of A Very Brady Christmas approaches.

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