Paris Hilton

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Why do the papers write false stories in the tabloids about the stars like Denise Richards and Lindsay Lohan? Don't they know that it ruins their careers as well hurts their familes? The tabloids should print positive things about the stars.

Just for you: Paris Hilton and not one, but three, puppies.

Do famous singers still have vocal coaches to help out with their singing while performing and recording tracks for albums?
—Millie, New Jersey

In order of importance: Meat Loaf does. So does Britney Spears.

Why do so many children of famous actors or performers go into acting? Is it easier for them to get into the business?
—Tabs, Alabama

It's easier for them to break in, sure, but distinguishing themselves from a famous relative can require draconian efforts. Like ordering the press not to ask about Julia Roberts. Which is exactly what Warner Bros. did when li'l niece Emma made the promotion rounds for her Nancy Drew movie. As for why celebrities' kids get into show business in the first: Most of them went pro before they had much of a choice, as child actors. So the real question should be why they stay in the business.

Why do celebs like Paris Hilton go out to the same clubs all the time? Also, how do they get on some of the launch-party lists?
—PR Princess

Their publicists can foresee the Hollywood party schedule by scattering the innards of kittens and endangered seal pups and reading the future in the steaming entrails. As for the celebs, they usually know the club owner or promoter; by returning to the same spots, they know they will be treated well, if not outright comped.

I'm looking for a list of celebs, Hollywood and otherwise, who have at some point in their lives lived in their cars. Can you help?

Jewel. I would go on, but it would be much more interesting for you to read some praise for my work.

Answer B!tch, you are the best. You and your B!tchling both have quick wit, with smart, funny, bitchy comments we all enjoy.


Do you remember that show that was like The Bachelorette, but had "average" guys?

Funny. I thought I'd flossed my brain clean of that memory. Thanks a lot.

Are there any A-listers out there that don't have a stylist? If so, do any among them manage to dress well most of the time?
—Juliette, Amsterdam

A-list? Not likely. Plenty of B- and C-listers though. Rachel Bilson once bragged that she didn't have one. Ditto with Victoria Beckham, who has said she works with them only for magazine shoots. And of course, I don't have a stylist. Yet.

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