First Britney was rumored to be in this condition, then Jessica confirmed she's in a stork state...could yet another huge-style celeb be expecting? Sure seems so! Plus, the Joshes Duhamel and Brolin are deliciously off, like most good-looking dudes.
Jessica Alba, Cash Warren

Kevin Mazur/

So fab about Jessica Alba and Cash Warren expecting, no? I mean, who needs to wait till you’re in the Geena Davis/Beverly D’Angelo age range to start up that fam? We say this is all so profeminist, total girl-power to go ahead and pull a Christina or a Nicole and have those babes now! Reese sure as hell did. ‘Course, Demi Moore just very well may be having it both ways, here’s why:
Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore

Nancy Kaszerman/

Most reliable stork watchers who recently attended a gathering with Ms. M (mother of three practically grown girls already—randy Rumer, anyone?) say Ashton’s main hon kept gabbing 'bout her belly with her buds, and proudly beaming. Now, in this stick-thin enclave, that means only one of two things: the fortysomething stunner, who’s known to have long been trying for a baby with her younger studinator, is preggers, or she had some divine belly button ring to show off. We venture toward the former. What say you, Demi, are congrats in order? Are ya pregnant, my darlin’? Can’t wait to find out!
"I am certainly not aware of any news on that front," said Ms. M's rep, cautiously. Hey, we're all for pause when it comes to wombs 'n' stuff. You just let us know when you’re ready, Demi dear.
Josh Brolin

Glenn Weiner/

Let’s revisit that gab from the Breakthrough Awards we talked about yesterday. As we mentioned, some presenters got themselves into prickly podium sitches. Take Josh Brolin, for ince, on hand to give accolades to his American Gangster costar Lymari Nadal. It sounds like he went off whatever what was written for him. “You know, when you’re doesn’t matter what you say up here,” Josh explained to the audience before him, “because you’re hot and young. That’s my pervy old man wisdom.”
Josh Duhamel

Jean-Paul Aussenard/

Yeah, that sounded sufficiently creepy. Thanks, Josh! Another Josh, as in Duhamel, was also havin’ presenting probs. Fergie’s main man was hunky on hand to wax about Megan Fox, the token hottie from Transformers. But J.D. couldn’t seem to get the hang of the teleprompter. He stumbled and stammered through a few lines before quitting altogether and simply calling his costar to the stage.
Britney Spears


Jeez, even pain-addled Liz Taylor, not to mention Britney Spears, can somewhat coherently make it through a prompter pitch, eventually.
Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill

Also, seems the pot-smoking characters played by Jonah Hill aren’t much of a stretch for the rotund actor. While talking about Leslie Mann's career before her knockout turn in Knocked Up, Mr. H spilled all ‘bout his smoking habit: “My friend and I decided to smoke some weed and go see a movie called The Cable Guy,” he said, so refreshingly carefree. “Leslie was in it, and we were, like, ‘She’s pretty hot.’ My friend Mark and I smoked some weed again and saw George of the Jungle, and she was in that. And then we got high again and went to see Big Daddy. And then I realized I had a massive drug problem.”


Kim Kardashian

Jean Baptiste Lacroix/

And finally, count on curvy cutie Kim Kardashian to cap off the reality-esque, unrefined intros. K2 was doling out the final award—for whatever, Best Tabloid Hookup, perhaps?—to J.R. Rotem, who InTouch recently reported is the father of Britney’s rumored baby (which was denied by both Brit and J.R.). On the carpet earlier, Rotem simply refused to answer queries about the possible parental sitch, and his publicist wouldn’t let him talk to any weeklies. So, just when it seemed that rumor was finally dying down, Kim brought it back up:

“He has a new reality show,” Kim teased the crowd. “Maybe it’ll be him, Britney and the baby.”

Jonathan R. Rotem

Lester Cohen/

If that was supposed to be a joke, no one laughed. And J.R. did nothing to clear things up when he accepted the award, simply saying a quick merci before exiting the stage. So, was Kim being serious? Was J.R. in on the joke or was he mad? Or was this all a ploy to make us keep talking about these two people who are famous for being infamous?

Works for us.

Different Strokes


Gwyneth Paltrow, tryin’ to control her tyke with the threat of Anna Wintour (we assume). Gwyn was sashaying through the Condé Nast elevators in New Yawk on Tuesday with Apple. Cazh in a khaki jacket and taupe boots, while Apple was pretty in a pink striped shirt. Apple of mama’s eyelinered eye kept trying to get out on every floor, to which mama G kept asking: “You know who works in this building? Would you like to know who works in this building?” Apple seemed unfazed, by the by. An early Anna-ite, she’s not, fab! Preoccupied in the same city was...
Jamie Lynn Sigler

Dan Herrick/

Jamie-Lynn Sigler, tearing through the Port Authority Bus Terminal while texting furiously. “She was wildly typing away on her PDA,” said our witness. Jamie looked sassy and sleek in a short black coat cinched at the waist and a royal blue mini. She was hoofing it in knee-high black patent-leather boots...hope they were comfortable! One civilian told JLS in passing he “loved” her work, but got no reply. Musta been because Sigler didn’t hear the brave fan, and wasn’t being rude. And if you believe that, I’m a natural blond. Fashionably tough, too, and looking impossibly svelte despite her burgeoning belly back west was...
Jeri Ryan


Jeri Ryan, grabbing takeout at Joan's on Third, where Nicole Richie also goes to grub. Witnesses couldn’t believe how thin the babe is, despite her pregnancy. “She had a volleyball for a belly, but stick thin everywhere else,” marveled one patron. She also wore no makeup and still looked fab, that bitch. Some broads have all the luck, right, Britney? Seen strolling just a few blocks away from the eatery was...
Derrick Hough


Derrick Hough, blending in with the holiday shopping crowd at the Beverly Center. The Dancing with the Stars dude was seen last Sunday in front of Macy’s, shopping solo. While our follicle witness reports D’s hair is much better in person, when it’s not all shellacked for the show, they also dish that Derrick’s “much” shorter than expected. They always are, darling! D.H. was sporting a tee with a blazer, jeans and Chuck Taylors, which was way less over the top than the glittery getups they don for Dancing. Can’t blame the boy for being cazh in his downtime, can ya? Somehow, sequins don’t work on a Sunday.
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