What's the real deal behind Paris Hilton's latest hookup with Josh Henderson? Does she have a gal-pal to thank for landing her new man? Plus, John Mayer pleasantly surprises us by ditching his shirt down under, while Robbie Williams needs a nap!
Paris Hilton, Josh Henderson

Denise Truscello/WireImage.com

Looks like Paris and her new, brave flave o' the month, Josh Henderson, are heating up. The lush loves were first rumored to be hooking up after Miz Pee and Stavros split, and since, they've been out 'n' about all over Hell-Ay at über-public paparazzi spots like Parc and Koi.

Funny that the two are prolly an item, 'cause I hear Josh was originally interested not only in Paris but also in a friend of hers. Elisha Cuthbert, namely, who P.'s been hangin' with lately in her impressive (my, that girl's social like her mama, Kathy!) rotating roster of BFFs.

"He really liked Elisha," says a super-duper (and beautifully dimpled) connected source. According to said insider, J.H. started hangin' with the Hilton heiress not exactly without (perhaps faint) hopes of getting an audience with Miz Cuthbert.

Elisha Cuthbert

Ash Knotek/ZUMAPress.com

Howevah the byoot thang be, once J.H. started spending quality time with Paris, seems he must have decided that the tall hotel heiress was more his style after all. I mean, men are such dawgs, right? They can never be trusted with the direction they originally begin sniffing, but I s'pose that's another column altogether, eh?

Back to P. 'n' J. They certainly seem to have a romance connection going, as they're canoodling all over T-town.

And although they seem happy together when posing for shutterbugs (couples have met under stranger circumstances, 'course, like that pro hooker who married the movie man who loves architecture so), I'm hearing Henderson is still nervous about being part of such a high profile couple.


Yikes...whatever could Joshy-poo's concerns be? That Paris'll steal the spotlight from him? That her wealthy ways mean she'll always pick up the check at dinner? That long-ass Simple Life shoots will keep them apart all day? Or, better yet, is it the thought of countless sleepless nights of impossibly demanding, luscious nooky?

Readers, any guesses?

Keanu Reeves

Rena Durham/ZUMApress.com

Keanu Reeves, appetizing fellow diners at Orso. K.R. was spotted with two older gals and a guy in what seemed like a biz meeting. The sometime stud looked slightly grungy, like a cross between his character in Parenthood and Johnny Depp. His hair was "long, flowy and romance novel-esque," and certain chicks sitting nearby report wanting to run their fingers through it. Equally drool-worthy at the same place was...
Rebecca DeMornay

Maury Phillips/WireImage.com

Rebecca De Mornay, looking gorgeous while dining with a gal-pal. Gee, wonder if they were gossin' about that hideous O'Neal family R.M.'s linked to lately. She looked "very refreshed, very well rested," according to onlookers. Wonder how that can be, with the chaotic clan she hangs with these days? Becky-babe hit the ladies' room, where only one stall was working, and took a "very, very long time"—but the other patrons didn't seem overly bothered, so gaga were they over Ms. Dee's age-defying beauty. Looking in desperate need of some shut-eye elsewhere was...
Robbie Williams

Paul Fenton/ZUMAPress.com

Robbie Williams, doing Les Deux Wednesday night. The recently rehabbed Brit singer looked "haggard" and "not as attractive in person" upon close inspection by clubgoers. He was wearing a black tee and wandering around said establishment by himself. Did he not have a pricey VIP table reserved to park his butt at? Doing the daddy thang was...
Chris Rock

Lee Celano/WireImage.com

Chris Rock, buying two gals ice cream at the Grove. Relax—two said sweeties were his adorable tykes. "They're simply gorgeous," gush stroller spies, adding that Chris was a very doting dad. Also must inform you all that Chris oddly looks much more cutely doable in person than he does on camera, wonder why?
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