Are the Entourage dudes following in Jeremy Piven’s he-ho steps and diddling round with everything naughty and right at home? Hmmm, let’s check that one out, shall we, right along with how the hell Kevin Connolly’s moving on, post-Hilton hotness!
Adrian Grenier

Rodrigo Varela/

Let's get to that gab from Adrian Grenier I was yappin' about yesterday. Picture it: the AG designer denim store on Robertson Blvd., where GQ was toasting the cast of Entourage, whose hit show about Hollywood inspired a clothing line at said hip commercial enterprise.

After a little politicking, I finally convinced the acrimonious Adrian to chat for a few.

"Fine," he eventually relented. "Three questions." 

Oh, what a generous guy! "How similar are you to Vince in real life?" I began, referring to his perpetually single, gals' man character on the show. 

"That's the way you do it?" he replied. "I give you three questions, and you go right for the throat?"

Kirsten Dunst

Ash Knotek/

That's hardly a jugular-severing query, I told him. (I didn't name names—such as Kirsten Dunst—now did I?)

"I'm not married, no," he said, not answering my Q. At all. I forged ahead, asking if Mister Gee feels any pressure to settle down, as he turned the big 3-0 last year.  

"There's a lot of social type stuff that I do that could put pressure on a person," he replied. "But I'm just looking for my own personal happiness. I think happiness is found spiritually inside and not in any social concepts."

Okay, then. Moving on. I asked what the most unglamorous part of real life in Hell-Ay is, since Entourage makes it look like one big party full o' beautiful peeps.

"I don't find L.A. to be very glamorous," he dodged yet again. "It looks like it is. That's why you watch the show. Don't move here, 'cause you'll be disappointed."


" 'Cause it's not Entourage." 

Hmmm, kinda like how you shouldn't interview Adrian and expect an actual answer? Just watch his pretty-boy character cavort onscreen instead? Yeah, thought so.
Kevin Connelly

Shawn Ehlers/

Luckily, A-babe's costar Kevin Connolly was way more fun. "Single life is good," K. said of his new, post-Nicky Hilton status. "I haven't really had much single time. I have a tendency to be like girlfriend, girlfriend, girlfriend. So, I'm trying to take a little time to be single."
Hilary Duff

Nancy Kaszerman/

(Should let you all know that I saw K.C. sharing a table with fellow single Hilary Duff Saturday night at Area after our convo. Mucho sex-ay.) 

"I've been acting for 27 years; I acted for 24 years before I got Entourage," he said, when I asked about really living in L.A. as a thesp. "There were a lot of not so good times before that." Best perk of hitting it big? 

"The restaurants, the clubs," he said. "But the trick is, you wanna be there forever. It's scary to not be on a hit show. I'm just so grateful. I thank my lucky stars every night. I'm the happiest guy in the whole world."
Kevin Dillon

Dimitrios Kambouris/

Good for him! Equally exuberant, too, was Kevin Dillon, who was downing signature shots named after his character during our convo...until I posed a particular question to him. 

"Do you think there's a gay vibe between Drama and Turtle?" I asked Mr. D. I mean, after all, their characters did have a threesome together.

"Nooo! Certainly not," Dillon said, before reconsidering. "I understand people saying Drama's got a little bit of it. He's like a metrosexual. He's so comfortable with his sexuality that he can get a manicure or have a man give him a massage."
Jerry Ferrara

Jeffrey Mayer/

I asked if he'd be down for a gay plotline between his and Jerry Ferrara's characters. 

"Absolutely not!" he huffed big-time (and perhaps not dissimilar to when Entourage exec producer Mark Wahlberg turned down Brokeback Mountain, due to the cowboy-on-cowboy content?).
Jake Gyllenhaal, Heath Ledger

Jeffrey Mayer/

Hey, it worked wonders for Jake Gyllenhaal's and Heath Ledger's careers, now didn't it? Don't knock it till you try it, boys.
Kathy Griffin

Jesse Grant/

Kathy Griffin, at Doughboys Bakery on Third Street. Ten peeyem on Friday night. Kathy and her signature red hair (which was in serious need of a good flat-ironing, for the follicle record) was waiting at the valet with a semi-good-looking guy. And Life on the D-List isn't too shabby evidently, 'cause she was driving a shiny black Benz and said mystery man left with her. Another reality TV alum down South included…

Emmit Smith

Amy Graves/

Emmitt Smith, having a private party to watch Dancing with the Stars, which he won last season. Al Biernat's Steakhouse in Dallas, Texas. Other patrons were dying to ask for his thoughts on the current contestants, but Emmitt didn't want to be disturbed and had a special section partitioned off for his posse. More room for all that buttered biz, eh?
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