David Caruso, CSI: Miami

Cliff Lipson/CBS

Holy wow!

If you watched tonight's season finale of CSI Miami, you might be flipping the freak out right about now.

Yes, that was Horatio lying in a pool of his own blood. Yes, it appears that he was of the non-living-and-breathing order.

So is David Caruso pulling another NYPD Blue and leaving the show? I have the straight-up answer, thanks to a few very well-placed sources...

Survey says: No! Sources inside CBS tell me that David Caruso is not leaving CSI Miami and will most definitely be back next season. The big question is: How?!

"They're setting up a very cool mystery of who tried to kill Horatio," says one Peeper-net insider. "And it will be pretty amazing to see how Horatio gets himself out of this one."

Phew! So the one-liner, sunglasses king will live to zing again.

Pleased? I bet you are. Now comment below with what you thought of tonight's bloody crazy CSI Miami finale twist!

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