Prison Break

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Ruth in London: I feel like my man Wentworth Miller has been MIA for months now. Any idea where he is?
Just as I was working up a “Where’s Wento?” graphic with my former future husband in a dashing red and white hat, my buddy Marc Malkin found him! Even better, he’s been spotted in this town...And even better than that, he’s coming to your living room tonight (hubba-hubba). Don’t forget: Prison Break is back on Fox with five new episodes, and I have scoop on the new season down yonder in the Spoiler Section, as well as the Dominic Purcell interview you may have seen here. For the record, I'm officially back in. (Sorry, Sara/h fans...I just can't resist! Wenty’s powers are...too...strong!)

Andy from San Diego: Are we going to be seeing Penny next season on Lost?
First off, 17 days and counting till the premiere—thank you, Jesus! Now, for what it's worth, according to, Penelope Widmore is still involved in the search for Desmond, and her search has been connected to the crash of flight 815—her phone number shows up in a notebook belonging to Sam Thomas, the man we are following through the Find815 story. By the way, if you're a Sonya Walger fan, check your TiVo: She had a blink and you'll miss her part in last night's Terminator premiere.

Julia in San Diego: Lost! I just read somewhere that Sawyer might not make it through the season. Please save me from a true panic attack and tell me Sawyer isn't going anywhere!

Josh Holloway, Lost


Yes, Sawyer's going to be killed off in episode six, and from what I understand, that will be the show's last-ever mention of the character. Audiences just never warmed up to him, and the writers realized it was best to simply give his off-putting storyline a swift, clear-cut end. (I'm kidding. Seriously now, with all the stressing going on at, I worry you guys are all gonna give yourselves aneurysms. I promise you, if Sawyer were to eventually get killed off, which I consider unlikely in the extreme, the show would at least do it, Nate Fisher style—that guy is gonna be around until the end, in one way or another.)

Carla in Camilla, Georgia: Can you tell me what's going on with the writers' strike? I'm clueless, and I just want to know if it will end soon.
Sadly, there's currently no end in sight. The Writers Guild of America and the AMPTP, which represents networks and studios, haven't even been at the negotiating table since early last month. The current season is most likely shot. If you're looking for a prediction on the actual timeline, I'll defer to CBS president and CEO Les Moonves, who said on Thursday he's guardedly optimistic it'll be over in "the next few months." Let's hope so. Besides the lack of good shows, there is the more serious problem of all the affected people who are out of work and feeling the financial effects of the strike. Let's hope it's resolved soon, for their sake.

Matt in Calabasas, California: Do you know when the next Real World/Road Rules Challenge starts? Any scoop?
The Gauntlet III (which is the 15th edition of RW/RR Challenge!) premieres Jan. 23, and T.J. Lavin is hosting once again. It'll be veterans vs. rookies, and guess who's back to battle? Queen Coral! She's accompanied by many others, of course, including Diem, San Diego Brad, San Diego Robin, Crazy Beth, Crazy Katie and Crazy Paula from Key West. And the rookie I'm most excited about? The now-crazy Las Vegas Frank.

Zachary Levi, Chuck

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Kyle in O'Fallon, Illinois: What happened to Chuck? It was my favorite new show, and I thought NBC had a couple of new episodes they were going to air, but I haven't heard anything since the last new episode they aired. So, any word on when those episodes might air?
Happily, these episodes are scheduled for Jan. 24. Weirdly, however, they are the bread in a Celebrity Apprentice sandwich. The first new Chuck airs at 8 p.m., then Celebrity Apprentice airs at its regular time, and then the last new Chuck episode of the season airs at 10. Sad. I have had to type "last episode" way too often recently. How about we find a new word for it...maybe...spumoni? (Seems more palatable.)

Carol in White Plains, New York: I know y'all are major fans of 30 Rock just like me. I'm so afraid it's not gonna return after the writers' strike. Is it still struggling in the ratings?
Last Thursday's spumoni attracted almost 6 million viewers, which isn't great, but it does show that the series has gained a few more fans this season, and I can't imagine in my wildest dreams (which, like Tracy's, often involve robots and Napoleon) that Ben Silverman would off this show, especially after the show's Emmy win and Tina's Globe win. That would just be silly.

Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock

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Starscream in Chicago: How awesome was it that Tina Fey won last night?
It was so very awesome. Meanwhile, if you're jonesing for a little 30 Rock action even though they are out of new eps, you can catch Alec Baldwin on the aforementioned Celebrity Apprentice. Little bro Stephen "calls in a favor" with Alec, who comes by to help him on a challenge. It's not much, but at least it's something.

Jen in San Francisco: I just saw that Dexter is now going to be on CBS. Is it even worth watching the network TV version?
Yes, at least according to Julie Benz, aka Rita herself (with an adorable new brunette look, by the way, thanks to her just wrapped gig on The Punisher II: War Zone). While she was at the Nine West booth at the Access Hollywood gift lounge, she told me they have always been ready for the show to air somewhere other than premium cable. She says, "As we were shooting both seasons, we always did TV coverage for the dialogue for syndication purposes, if down the line it was ever going to air on another network. We already have that in the can, and most of the violence on the show is insinuated...I do know they'll take my naked butt out of it." FYI, I believe that in addition to removing some of the swear words and Julie's adorable naked butt, the eps will all be cut at least a few minutes shorter. The Showtime versions run about 52 minutes, and broadcast drama episodes usually run about 43 minutes, so we may lose a few comedic C-stories...

James Roday, Psych

Alan Zenuk/USA Network

Dru in Santa Fe, New Mexico: Did you guys see the Big Adventures of Little Shawn and Gus? Since it's a cartoon, it's not those kid actors from the show, who are awesome, but maybe this will blossom into Simpsons success à la The Tracey Ullman Show?
Okay, Shawn and Gus are equally awesome as adults, as kids and as cartoons. How many characters can you say that about!? Not the Muppets, that's for sure. 

Ragna in Reykjavik: Why do you hate Supernatural so much? Did Jared and Jensen snub you at some event?
Okay, let me try to clear this up: I have nothing at all against Supernatural or One Tree Hill—honestly!—and certainly nothing against Jared or Jensen (please), and I truly apologize for the misunderstanding. Just to clarify what happened: The only reason I took One Tree Hill and Supernatural out of the TV Throwdown Poll (which, looking back, was, um, perhaps not the best name) was because, with 28 and 29 percent of the entire vote, respectively, all the other 100-plus shows had only 1 to 2 percent each, and therefore could not be ranked. As I said, the whole point of this poll was to get a sense of which shows you readers want to hear more about. So, I thought it was okay to announce that Supernatural and One Tree Hill had the most votes and then open it up to the other shows so they could be ranked as well. Does that make sense? I really hope so, and I apologize for not being clearer the first time. Bottom line: I got the message loud and clear that you like these shows, and I will do my best to serve you!

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross


Thomas in Detroit: Prison Break is here—wooo! What can you tell us? Will Michael break out?
Yes, he will. And here's what else is notable and surprising (at least to me!):

  • Michael starts off in solitary but will be running free very soon.
  • Not all the escapees will make it out alive. (Gulp.)
  • Lincoln and Sucre try to off Susan in a very kaboomy way.
  • Lincoln meets up with L.J. one last time.
  • Lincoln is shot.
Dominic Purcell

Nancy Kaszerman/ZUMA Press

Marcus in Alabama: Will we get a full season of Prison Break?
We get only five more eps, which is a total of 13 (unless the strike ends like, oh, now-ish). But the good news is the 13th episode was planned to be the "winter finale" (aka the midseason break), so unlike other series, it will feel as though it is a real ending to the season. It will be very satisfying spumoni.

Yessie in New Jersey: One thing that's always bothered me: Why do Michael and Lincoln have different last names?
I get this question all the time, so I asked Dominic himself to clear it up. He says: "Lincoln took his dad's surname, and Michael took his mom's surname. When they were divorced, she reclaimed her maiden name, and he decided to go with her name." Easy-peasy, right? (My guess is the real reason it happened that way was so the prison folk wouldn't be on to Michael's association with Linc in the first season.)

Tom in Cleveland: I'm an old Lost fan—and by old Lost fan, I mean I'm nearing 40 years old. I have a theory that I'm hoping you might validate. If it's true, then I want to coin a new "shipper" term, too. And that's this: We'll discover that Kate's with...a freighter! My bets are on Jeremy Davies. If so, then we have our Skaters, our Jaters and our "Keighters"!
Yeah, because it's not like there are enough people who already have a vested interest in Kate's love life! Jeez, what kind of trouble are you trying to stir up? Anyway, as far as I know, none of the boaties are getting in any of the Lostie's pantaloons, but they might be getting in their heads in a very interesting way.

Lauren Conrad

AP Photo/Matt Sayles

Jackie in Athens, Illinois: Did you hear that Lauren and Whitney were fired from Teen Vogue recently? Is it true?
Well, fired is a harsh word. I heard it was an amicable parting, but the rumor is that Teen Vogue was not interested in being a part of the show anymore. What? Lisa Love wasn't happy with the way she was portrayed?! Actually, I hear there are several changes in store for Lauren and the ladies of The Hills. Sources say Ms. Conrad is moving out of the tiny apartment she shares with Audrina, as she's recently purchased a Spanish-style home in Hollywood. (Also, like her last place, not actually in the hills, but who's counting?)

Jessica in Bloomington, Indiana: I absolutely love Women's Murder Club! Any word about what's next?
Nothing. Nada. Zip. Bupkes. The wine-counterfeit episode was the last prestrike episode. The good news is, Lindsay is safe (for now) from the Kiss Me Not Killer. The bad news is, no more show (for now).

Lost - Polygon

ABC/Mario Perez

Sam in Chihuahua, Mexico: Thank you so much for answering a Jacket question. We don't get as much attention as Skate and Jate, it's really sad. So, it's hopeless to ship Jacket for season four, right?
Patience, grasshopper, until at least episode six, which is a Juliet ep. I hear you Jacketeers will like that one.

Laurie in Adair County, Kentucky: Can you tell me if Jessi is still alive on Kyle XY?! I need to know!
Let me just say that if you're a fan of the girl, tonight's premiere should satisfy you.

Kate in Plymouth, Michigan: What's coming up on Cashmere Mafia?
A gossip girl's got it out for Caitlin. Well, kinda. I'm hearing our lesbian-in-training will be outed on a sleazy Website. By the way, word is Caitlin will soon realize she's really more bisexual in nature.

Carmen in Wichita, Kansas: Will we ever see Mia's ex, Jack Cutting (Tom Everett Scott), on Cashmere Mafia again?

Sure will. She tries to make that cutie jealous in just a couple of weeks.

Alex O'Loughlin, Moonlight

Joel David Warren/Warner Bros

Nicole in New York: Okay, Friday's episode of Moonlight made me cry. I have to know what happens next. Any scoop?
Good news for you Coraline fans: She's at the center of this Friday's ep, she's so not doing her "I'm human!" thing anymore, and we delve into the history of her infamous "fleur-de-lis" and her past life in 18th century France.

Jen in Los Angeles: Hey, so, my pet Friday Night Lights theory is that Lyla's mom is the one getting pregnant. Am I close?
You are so far off...Although one of the parties involved doesn't get much more screen time than Lyla's mom.

April in Bethesda, Maryland: Can you tell us anything more on the Bones cliffhanger? Does the person who's suffering physically have anything to do with the cliffhanger, or is that a different part of the episode altogether?
Yep, you've got it. The cliffhanger and the suffering are one and the same, and I'm pretty sure either way, the cliffhanger will leave all of us fans suffering until new eps of Bones come back, somewhere, somehow...Sigh.
Jensen Ackles

WB/Brett Panelli

Marcia in Austin, Texas: Not that you'll answer, because you are pure evil, but any scoop on Supernatural?
For now I can tell you the show returns Jan. 31 with an episode I personally inspired: Sam and Dean confront a terrible and wicked witch who just happens to know a few secrets from Ruby's past while they're at it.
  XOXO, Beelzebub

Marc in Naples, Florida: So excited that Medium is back. Any dish?
Meredith's mom and Alex P. Keaton's dad are guesting! Next Monday, Kate Burton and Michael Gross play parents with a missing daughter and a possible job for Joe. Allison, obviously, is so on that case. Also, we learn about another missing person: Cynthia Keener's (Anjelica Huston) daughter, MIA for 10 years now. Muy interesante, no?

Garret Dillahunt

Jesse Grant/

Sara in Superior, Wisconsin: I loved the pilot for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Does it stay good?
Yes, indeed, thanks in no small part to Garret Dillahunt (Deadwood, John from Cincinnati), who joins the show next Monday. I caught up with him somewhere between the Spanx corner and the FragFX videogame booth at Access Hollywood's gift lounge over the weekend, and he told me, "Owain Yeoman and I are both Cromartie, which is all the same robot underneath—he just needs a new flesh suit. I show up in episode three, and I'll be following them around for a while. When we got to where we stopped because of the strike...I actually haven't even met them yet, but I do interact with a lot of people who get in my way, and the FBI guy Richard T. Jones is on my tail." It's gonna be a little awesome.

—Additional reporting by Korbi Ghosh and Jennifer Godwin

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