It probably won't include lead stripper Robert Carlyle, but Fox Searchlight is desperately trying to get The Full Monty men to undress for a sequel.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Fox is in talks with producer Uberto Pasolini, director Peter Cattaneo and writer Simon Beaufoy about assembling more Montys.

Even with several of the original costars already agreeing to bare their pasty-white butts again, it might take a while to produce the follow-up to the Academy Best Picture-nominated film.

So far, Pasolini, Cattaneo and Bequfoy have reportedly been unable to come up with a workable storyline. Meanwhile, Carlyle, the guy who convinces his buddies to strip (also the psychopathic Begbie in Trainspotting), has reportedly turned down more than $1.7 million to recount his role.

"Think of how the film ended--how can you take it on from there?," a Carlyle pal told London Daily Mirror. "There is not a single artistic reason to make Full Monty 2. It is about money, and Robert is not interested in that kind of project."

(Editor's note: "Yeah, but $1.7 million?!)

Whether Searchlight and the gang can get their act together again or not, Beaufoy--who'll make his directorial debut this summer with Darkest Light (which he also wrote)--will probably end up doing his own Full Monty follow up.

The Reporter says he's been asked by the London Daily Mail newspaper to pen a "serialized adventure" about the unemployed Sheffield steelworkers with Chippendales ambitions.

Why so anxious for a sequel? The original is one of the most profitable movies of all time, having returned in excess of $225 million on a $3 million investment.

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