And the upset Best Picture winner is...As Good As It Gets!

The James L. Brooks comedy-drama about a nasty writer man and his cute little dog took top honors at this year's Hackademy Awards, sinking the supposedly unsinkable Titanic.

Er, wait a second...The Hackademy Awards?

Yup. Presented by the American Lung Association of Sacramento-Emigrant Trails.

Okay, so it's not the real Oscar deal. Rather, it's one of the multiple Oscar takeoffs that help kill the days leading up to the big event.

Some are well-known (i.e., the Razzies), some aren't (i.e., the Hackademys). All are about basking in the Oscars' reflected glory--and maybe promoting a cause.

The Hackademy, for instance, judges films on the basis of smoking scenes (the more, the worse; the fewer, the better). Among this year's Best Picture nominees, As Good As It Gets was awarded the prestigious Thumbs Up!; Titanic was dinged with a Hackademy Thumbs Down! (Tough crowd, those Lung Association voters: If any characters deserved to sneak some puffs, you'd think it'd be a bunch of people on a sinking ocean liner.)

Jack Nicholson is another early winner--named this week the first-ever recipient of the R.E.A.L. Award, presented by those noted film buffs at the Anxiety Disorders Association of America. Nicholson's As Good As It Gets turn as that nasty writer man--also an obsessive compulsive--was recognized as a public service to the 23 million Americans diagnosed with the disorder.

The Razzies, to be presented Sunday, have no such higher purpose to promote. For 18 years now, the honors have been about one thing, and one thing only: (dis)honoring lousy movies. The top nominees going into the weekend, for example, are the dreck of last summer, Batman & Robin and Speed 2: Cruise Control, included.

The plugged-in folks at MovieFone got their two-cents in this week with the third annual American Moviegoer Awards.

A popularity contest based on the 330,000 votes cast by MovieFone customers, the Moviegoers honored Titanic as Outstanding Film, and star Kate Winslet as outstanding lead actress.

Even the Oscar-snubbed Leonardo DiCaprio got a nod. As Leo may be happy to learn, in mad Oscar season, everybody's a winner--and just about everybody's an award-giver.

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