All eyes--inquiring ones, anyway--will be on tonight's New York premiere of No Looking Back.

The better to see the movie, the new romantic-drama from Brothers McMullen writer/director Edward Burns? Heck, no.

The better to see Burns and costar Lauren Holly and try to figure out what's the deal with them--and alternately, what's the deal with Holly and estranged husband Jim Carrey.

Reports are intensifying that Holly, who reputedly left Carrey for Burns, is getting ready to bury her divorce papers. In today's column, gossip maven Liz Smith even writes that Holly may soon move back into Carrey's Brentwood, California, mansion.

Reps for Carrey and Holly could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

Now, before you go out and pick up a "Congrats on Your Reconciliation" card, keep in mind that sightings of the on-the-outs Hollywood supercouple have been rampant for months, says E! Online correspondent Ted Casablanca. They've wined here, dined there. Been said to be close to officially recoupling--as the online version of People magazine noted all the way back in December.

It's also worth noting that Liz Smith, who now has Holly reupping for a stint as Mrs. Carrey, three months ago had Holly secretly engaged to Burns.

Burns, for his part, might be glad if his role in this dizzying dating merry-go-round is over. He has reportedly told pals that he doesn't want to be known as the guy who broke up Ace Ventura's marriage.

Divorce papers, filed by Holly last July 29, actually blamed irreconcilable differences for the split--even if the beginning of the end came during the Gotham shooting of No Looking Back (originally known as Long Time, Nothing New).

Last spring, it was Burns, recently freed from longtime girlfriend Maxine Bahns, and Holly who were the on-the-town duo. Went to a Knicks game here, walked through Central Park there.

By June of 1997, Carrey packed his bags and fled for the Beverly Hills Hotel; Holly reportedly spent the summer with Burns on the European set of Saving Private Ryan. Their marriage was kaput in just 10 months.

Holly's divorce action sought spousal support--a potentially costly request for Carrey, one of Hollywood's select $20 million men.

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