The Beatles pitching the Beetle.

That's the dream ad for Volkswagen. The German automaker confirms it's trying to sell the three surviving members of the world's most popular band (Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr) on doing huckster work for the company's recently relaunched, redesigned signature auto, the world's most popular vehicle.

"The Beetle was a cult car, and the Beatles also had cult status, which fits well into the concept," Klaus Kocks, a Volkswagen board member, told the German newspaper Braunschweiger Zeitung.

While that connection may be a little vague, it's true that both the car--which sold 21.5 million but has been out of production for 20 years--and the legendary rock band (out of production for nearly 30 years now, not counting that "Free as a Bird"/"Real Love" stuff) were immensely popular with youth in the '60s.

Before you think that the Beatles would never sing "Baby, You Should Drive This Car" or--God forbid--rechristen themselves the Beetles, remember: VW was able to convince the Rolling Stones to help market its Golf model several years ago.

A VW spokesperson said the auto maker wanted the Beatles to be involved in marketing the Beetle--the rockers-cum-car salesmen would not be required to record together or perform a concert. A final decision is expected to be announced by February 11.

As for the car, the Volkswagen folks hope to sell 50,000 new Beetles in North America this year, starting at about $15,200 each.

And unlike the old-school Bugs hippies used to paint funny colors, the new Beetles will have modern-day features like air bags and dashboard flower vases--and be able to reach freeway speed well before the chorus of "Hey Jude" ends.

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