"Irreconcilable differences" explained: Binge drinking, baseball-bat interior decorating, kidnap threats.

At least that's Roseanne's version of things in newly filed court papers detailing her split with husband No. 3, bodyguard Ben Thomas.

The larger-than-life ex-sitcom star claims life with Thomas was marred by spurts of violence.

In June 1997, the comic claims, Thomas, now 30, took a baseball bat to their kitchen table. He told her he was upset because she had fled their home--a maneuver undertaken, the court papers state, because Roseanne felt Thomas was "so intoxicated" she needed to get their infant son, Buck, out of the house.

Buck, born in 1995, was often the subject of threats from Thomas, the papers allege. "During the past year...[Thomas] threatened to take off with the baby if I separated from him," Roseanne says, in the documents. "[He told me] if I were to divorce him, 'Buck and I' will disappear."

But the absolute breaking point of the Thomas-Roseanne union appears to have been this past New Year's Eve.

Thomas arrived home about 4 a.m. "in a major state of intoxication," the documents attest. (Roseanne says she stayed in for the partying holiday--feeling under the weather.)

Roseanne says she tried to avoid the "belligerent" Thomas. That set off this alleged chain of events: Thomas, Roseanne says, "physically blocked me from leaving the room, and at one point grabbed me by the arms to restrain me....[Later, he] ripped the telephone out of the wall."

A broken lamp and smashed outdoor lantern later, police arrived on scene and took Thomas away in handcuffs, according to the papers.

"I was at all times in great apprehension for our safety," Roseanne says, in the documents.

Citing those perennially pesky "irreconcilable differences," the comic filed for divorce on January 8.

Rocky marriage, or no, Thomas stands to net a half-million-plus for his role as husband. Per the couple's prenuptial agreement, also revealed in the new court filings, the bodyguard was to receive a $250,000 "gift" for each year he was married to Roseanne. And upon a split, she was to float him another $150,000 to find new digs.

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