Christian Slater will be going jail, after all.

The actor lost a last-ditch bid Friday to get out of a 90-day term stemming from his cocaine- and booze-soaked rampage at a party last summer.

Lawyers for the slacker star wanted to count Slater's stint in a rehab center as time served. Since Slater spent 118 in a lockdown clinic following his August arrest, his lawyers figured he shouldn't have to spend any time in a Los Angeles lockup.

But Los Angeles Municipal Court Judge Joseph Biderman was unswayed. He ordered the 28-year-old thesp to turn himself in by January 14. That means the sulky celebrity--who sat expressionless in the courtroom Friday--will be able to attend the Hollywood premiere of his latest flick, Hard Rain, scheduled for January 13. (Slater was originally supposed to go to the slammer tomorrow.)

Earlier, a conciliatory Slater told E! Online he was getting his house in order. "I think I've been hiding for years, trying to live up to a certain image you're supposed to live up to. I'm just relieved to be able to say, yes, I am a human being...I'm feeling pretty good about myself [now].

"I have a particular beast inside of me I've had to deal with...I tested the envelope there a little bit. I've been testing the envelope for a while, and God, I'm just tired of it."

That envelope-testing period came to a head back on August 11, when he melted down at friend's party. The intoxicated Slater (he told police he had been "drinking for days" and was on heroin and cocaine) punched his girlfriend in the face at the soiree, bit the host in the gut and wrestled cops until an officer grabbed him in a chokehold and he passed out.

The troubled actor (Slater's previous scrapes with the law include a drunken-driving incident and an arrest for toting a loaded gun into an airport in his luggage) had faced battery, resisting-arrest and drug charges. In addition, one of the arresting officers has sued Slater, claiming he was seriously hurt after being belted by Slater.

Once he completes his time in the pokey, Slater must enter mandatory, in-patient rehab for an additional 90 days, pay $1,300 in restitution, keep away from the victims of his outburst, take an AIDS test and mandatory AIDS education classes, and attend yearlong treatment for batterers.

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