Looks like Tony Minero finally got some time off from the paint store.

More than 20 years after making the landmark dance film Saturday Night Fever, John Travolta is returning to the cinematic New York disco scene in a collaborative effort with the multi-Grammy-nominated Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

In his first dance film since 1983's Sylvester Stallone-directed Fever sequel, Staying Alive, Travolta will portray a former disco denizen, way past his '70s leisure-suited prime (big stretch there, Johnny), who gets back into the club scene with the help of a Latina professional dancer. (You can bet she'll be caliente.)

To pen the script, Fox 2000 and Edmonds Entertainment called screenwriter Kate Lanier (What's Love Got to Do With It?, Set It Off) out onto the floor. She probably has the moves, having tended bar in New York dance clubs for 10 years.

"It's an urban, gritty drama with dance elements," Lanier told the Reporter, describing a film that sounds a lot like SNF.

"But we will revisit that territory in a very multicultured way. Babyface is very interested in combining hip-hop, tap and salsa--the multifaceted flavor of the underground club scene."

The trade also quoted Travolta's manager, producer Jonathan Krane: "I must have taken 2,000 pitches in 15 years, trying to find a musical in today's world for John Travolta. I agreed to join with Babyface because he is such a major musical guy and has come up with a contemporary take on this genre."

Yeah. Great. Just so long as he doesn't touch Tony's hair.

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