When Jane's Addiction called their reunion tour a "relapse" instead of a reunion, it left everyone scratching their heads and wondering about the choice of words. Well, now we know. Jane's Addiction is rolling on, and so is Dave Navarro's.

The band's guitarist has admitted to once again playing pharmacist and "experimenting" with drugs, his publicist said in Thursday's USA Today. (Longtime Jane's fans will remember various interviews in which Navarro decried the drug-induced haze in which he lived during the band's first incarnation.)

Such "experiments" might explain Navarro's strange behavior of late. Playing in support of their new CD, Kettle Whistle, at Los Angeles radio station KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas a few weeks ago, the guitarist wrote a love note to fellow troubadour Fiona Apple on her dressing room wall in blood.

Just whose blood it was isn't exactly clear. But Navarro has been acting a little more bizarro than even his strange reputation would lead one to expect. (He added further evidence of this by calling the KROQ morning deejays a few days after the concert to offer a rambling, incoherent explanation for his bloody behavior.)

His friends and bandmates have had drug habits of their own. Jane's singer Perry Farrell has always been outspoken about his own continuing drug use. Also, the schism that broke up the band in the early '90s probably had something to do with the fact that half of the act (Navarro and bassist Eric Avery) got clean, while Farrell continued to self-medicate.

Furthermore, the band Navarro left on hiatus for the current tour, Red Hot Chili Peppers, has an extensive history of heroin trouble.

Whatever the case, Dave Navarro is back living the rock 'n' roll life-style, and he seems happy with it, possibly humming to himself from the band's most popular hit, "Jane Says": "I'm gonna kick tomorrow..."

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