It's been nine months since rapper Notorious B.I.G. was fatally harpooned with bullets in front of a Los Angeles museum, and local police still haven't gotten a big break in the case--in fact, their investigation has stalled, according to published reports

Much like the Las Vegas slaying of Tupac Shakur several months prior, LAPD homicide detectives are blaming a lack of cooperation by witnesses (more than 200 have been interviewed) to the March 9 shooting for bogging down the case.

But according to friends and family members of Christopher Wallace (the corpulent rapper's real name), police simply aren't interested in solving the murder.

On Monday, Wallace's mother, Voletta, told the Los Angeles Times she was "furious" about how the case is being handled. "I'm fed up with the police just pussyfooting around," she said. "I really am beginning to believe what others tell me: that the police don't care about solving the murders of young black men--especially rappers."

Speaking from her home in New Jersey, Voletta Wallace also bristled at reports her son and his entourage were under FBI investigation in Los Angeles at the time of the slaying. "I wish they were half as enthusiastic about trying to find the guy who took [B.I.G.'s] life. It certainly didn't take this long to catch Versace's killer or the guys behind the Oklahoma or the World Trade Center bombing, did it?"

An LAPD spokesperson told E! Online Tuesday that her department had no comment on Voletta Wallace's remarks, only stating that police continue to follow "all leads at this time."

Lead investigator Russell Poole, however, did tell the Times, "We are trying to do everything in our power to solve this murder. It is our top priority. I understand that Mrs. Wallace is upset, but I've tried to explain to her that you can't just throw a case like this together. You need eye-witnesses--and we have none. We've interviewed hundreds of witnesses, and the majority of them are not being totally candid with us. It's very frustrating."

As they have all along, police still believe an unpaid debt was at the center of the murder--sources close to the dead rapper say he refused to pay a branch of the "Crips" $100,000 for security the Los Angeles street gang provided him and his entourage when they were in town.

Currently, the police are trying to locate and question--with great difficulty--a Harlem man known as "Zip", who may have introduced Wallace to the Crips, and who was seen the night before the murder conversing with a man in the vehicle believed to have been used in the shooting.

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