Baby Doo-Doo gets a sister.

Yes, it's true. And, yes, it's official. Michael Jackson is pregnant--again!

Well, all right, even the eccentric Jacko can't fudge Mother Nature on that count. Wife and occasional houseguest Debbie Rowe is doing the actual gestation thing, to be followed by the actual birthing thing in May.

Rowe, who wed the Gloved One last November, told a Los Angeles TV station that the baby is a girl--finally confirming months of rumors and whispers and sly hints from Jackson himself that the couple was expecting their second child. (The original heir, Prince Michael Jackson Jr., alternately called Baby Doo-Doo or Apple Head by his doting daddy, was born last February.)

In the interview with KNBC-TV, broadcast Tuesday, Rowe revealed that she wanted to name the new child Michael, after her husband. "But Michael said no," Rowe said.

Instead, the two settled on Paris because (brace yourself) "that's where she was conceived."

The little girl's full name will be: Paris Michael Katherine Jackson. ("Michael because I really want Michael's name in her name and Katherine after his mom," Rowe explained.)

Michael--currently showing off baby Prince, now 9 months old, in the new issue of Life magazine--is predictably excited by the impending addition to his little nuclear family.

"He's picking out clothes already to dress her up. He loves kids," Rowe told KNBC-TV.

Yes, a regular Ward Cleaver, this guy who keeps stuffed-and-mounted dummies of a Boy and Girl Scout on display at his Neverland Ranch. (Another tidbit from that Life profile.)

Looking through the eyes of love, Rowe sees only the best. (That would be when she actually sees Jackson. Michael and Prince live at Neverland; Rowe, who worked for the pop star's dermatologist, lives in Los Angeles--100 miles away. But she's said to visit often.)

"I hope we have lots of kids together," Rowe said. "He's such a great dad."

Michael is with Prince during his every waking hour, Rowe said. "When the baby is napping, that's she he steals away to work, to write music, to dance," she said.

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