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Maybe I'm just in the Valentiney mood, or maybe Michael Rosenbaum was just that darn charismatic in our latest chat, but after talking to him I just can't get this George  Michael-meets-Weird Gal Veitchovic song out of my head. It's called "I Want Your Lex."

Trust me, there is good reason to be Smallville-ainy giddy right now, 'cause Michael Rosenbaum (aka Smallville's Lex Luthor) directed an episode that airs tomorrow (Thursday) night on the CW.

In honor of this special event, Michael and I spent some time talking ‘bout divas on set, that big wedding right around the corner, his character's "darkest moment yet" and why Lex's days in Smallville are definitely numbered.

So, Mr. Big Pants Director, tell us, how did you like running the show for the first time?
It was amazing. Honestly, it was the biggest challenge of my life. It was a crash course in filmmaking. I’m not the most decisive person in the world, but it forces you to be that person. The prop people are coming up to you and asking, Do you want this gun or this gun? Wardrobe wants to know if you want this shirt or that shirt, and then you have actors [needing your guidance]. You have to know what you want. You have to know the story. You actually have to read the script this time!

Who was the biggest diva?
People always ask what the hardest part was and I say, "Directing myself because I’m very hard to work with." I like that little joke. No, everybody was great. I told myself that if I fail at this and if I don’t get good performances, I won’t do it again. But I was really happy with the way things turned out, and I honestly think it is a great episode with exciting twists in it. 
Give us scoop on the ep.
The story in a nutshell is there is this kid who was blinded by the meteor shower a couple of years ago and he now has the ability to see other people who are meteor freaks or meteor infected. Lex Luthor hires this doctor to kick the kid around and find all the meteor freaks in Smallville, so Lex can do all these tests on them. Eventually, Clark, Chloe and Lana start to unravel what the hell is going on and we find out that one of them is… well, let’s just say somebody is found out. One of our beloved characters is involved in a big twist. I can’t give too much away, but it’s cool, really cool.

Of course, I have to ask you about the Lex and Lana relationship. She’s pregnant now, which is huge, and the wedding is coming up. Should we be happy for them?
I, personally, think Lana found the right man. I think Lex loves her more than anything. He’s getting as honest as he can be. Lots of people think Clark is the right guy, but look at Clark. I mean, Clark lied to her throughout their whole relationship. It was a sham. Why wasn’t he honest with her? He’s supposed to be this great guy, but he’s not such a great guy if he lies. Everyone looks at Lex like he’s the bad guy. Why is Lex so bad? If you ask me, Lex is trying to do the best he can. He is trying to protect her, just like Clark was, and I think if something happens and he loses Lana, there is no telling what Lex is capable of doing. But there is a big wedding scene coming up in a couple of episodes...

Yes, tell us about the wedding!
It was beautiful. A big, beautiful, rather archaic wedding, and I’ll tell you what, there were a lot of fans in the beginning who were saying they didn’t want to see Lex turn evil, but four years later, they are like, "I can’t wait till he gets really bad!" Well, the wedding is the biggest moment of the series for Lex. It’s the darkest moment ever, and that’s the honest to God truth. We shot it yesterday. Let me tell you, it doesn’t get more sacrilegious than it does on wedding day.

There are some weird rumors surrounding Lana's pregnancy. Have you heard them?
There are stories, people are talking, and that‘s cool. I don’t want to say they’re completely wrong, but they’re not all right. There is a big twist coming with that. At least I hope so, otherwise the writers are going to piss me off! They have me going. I’m a viewer, too, so I hope there is a big payoff at the end.

It seems like the show has gotten a second wind in the last year or so, no?
Yes, people say that. There was one year when I thought, This is it, we are going to end the show. And then, all of a sudden, last season just took off and I don’t know what happened, but the story became really interesting and they amped everything up. I think we are getting some of the best ratings ever this year, and it’s amazing.

Do you feel like one more season is a sure thing?
I think next season will definitely happen. I think we are pretty much the favorite on the CW. Well, one of the favorites—I don’t want to piss anyone off.

Alexis Bledel is going to come and kick your ass.
Yeah, people love the Gilmore. But there is so much girl power, sometimes you need some superhero and super violence.

So, are you in it for the long haul?
Next year will be my last year. I had a great run. I loved it, but that will be it for me.

Really? Is that how the whole cast is feeling?
No, I think other people have longer contracts. I’m not going to say who, but I know that next year is the last for me. So, it will be very sad when it happens, but all good things must come to an end.

You’ve done a few films already. Is that what you want to pursue after Smallville?
Yeah, I’d like to have the opportunity to do movies all year, and not just in a span of two months over the summer when I can grow my hair. Every hiatus I have gone off and done a movie, so I can’t wait to have as much time as I need.

You have a movie coming out soon, right?
Yes, it’s called Kickin It Old Skool, and it comes out Apr. 20. It’s hilarious. Jamie Kennedy, Maria Menounos and I are in it. I play this guy, Kip Unger, and I host a dance contest called Get to Steppin‘. My mantra is "I’m just Kip, Kip, Kippin’ it real."

Will you direct another episode?
During the process, I was saying, "No way, I won’t do it again," but as soon as I saw my cut, I wanted to do another one. We’ve already talked about it a little bit, so why not? We’ll see what happens. If the fans like my episode, I will do it! This year, it’s a good year for me. I’ve directed my first episode, I’ve got a big movie coming out, I’m working on getting my first script made. It’s like, all right, I can’t be more excited about all of this, so I’m just gonna keep it going.

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