Got to hand it to Pam and Tommy: They're not quitters.

The fun couple have done everything in their power to keep people from ogling their infamous sex tape--and have failed at every turn. The latest battle, waged the past two days against Seattle-based Internet Entertainment Group, sought to keep their classic camcorder cuts from going up on a couple of adults-only, pay-per-view Websites--where subscribers could access streaming video of the romp on their monitors.

The Lees were in court Thursday looking for a temporary restraining order against IEG, but a judge rejected the bid. Then, on Friday morning, an attorney for the Baywatch thespian and her rocker hubby said negotiations were continuing to keep the hot tape off the Web.

However, the twosome's last-ditch talks broke off and at 1 p.m. PT IEG began screening the video for paying customers of ClubLove and Free Live Sex sites.

"It's up now, and it's staying up," said IEG president Seth Warshavsky. "This is public material."

In spite of the celeb couple's right of privacy complaints, the Pam and Tommy tape is no secret. It's been the hottest homemade porn movie in Hollywood since Rob Lowe. Penthouse even published stills from the salacious video in its June 1996 issue. (Pam and Tommy sued that time, too. They lost.) The tape is also available for sale on a separate Website.

(Warshavsky says IEG obtained its copy of the much-bootlegged sex tape from a Hollywood TV producer, whose identity he won't disclose.)

By some accounts, the sex tape isn't all that. We're talking endless minutes of boring, disjointed scenes (ho-hum wedding footage, shots of Pam lazing around in bed on her B-day) before finally hitting the so-called jackpot: up-close-and-personal, hand-held footage of the fun couple's private parts en fuego--on the deck of a boat, no less.

All in all, not Academy Award material. (Well, Howard Stern did call it the "greatest tape I have ever seen in my life.")

Even an attorney for IEG concedes that the footage is "mostly boring." Still, the Lees are stewing--they are said to be "very upset." The very public couple--isn't that a naked Pam looming from a Times Square billboard for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals?--has been unsuccessfully trying to put the genie back in the bottle for months.

Last September, they got litigious on the construction worker whom they allege started the whole mess by pilfering the tape from their house.

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