It's usually his mouth that gets Howard Stern in trouble. This time, it's his medical license--or lack thereof.

A New Jersey business executive has filed a complaint with New York state authorities, alleging that the polemic radio personality unlawfully played doctor on air last month when he administered breast exams to women guests.

"There's got to be some point where basically he's subject to the same laws and regulations as everybody else," says plastics industry worker Joseph DuPont, 49.

The offending radio bit occurred during the week of October 15. As part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Private Parts-obsessed Stern duly offered to perform breast exams. Several women took him up on his offer, trudged down to the New York studio and let the host's fingers, er, manipulate their chests. All in the name of cancer prevention, of course.

During the exams, Stern would occasionally (and apparently) joke that he felt something--a lump, maybe. Once the giggling subsided, he routinely advised his "patients" to see real doctors.

DuPont, who caught one of the shows while driving to work, was not amused. Whether any of the women actually believed they would be getting expert care from a radio deejay is not the point, he says. What is the point, DuPont argues, is that Stern should be held accountable for on-air actions he passes off for gags.

"Let's say, [Stern] wanted you to go in for an appendectomy? Would that be legal?" DuPont asks. "If he X-rayed people, would that be okay?"

Stern's spokesperson could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

The New York state Education Department Office of Professional Discipline will look into DuPont's complaint--it's trying to set up a meeting to talk to the man--and possibly rule in the next few days as to whether it'll open a formal investigation.

DuPont is a nonfan of Stern from way back, who admits to tuning in once every several months to "see what he's up to." About four years ago, he filed a complaint with Stern's chief nemesis, the Federal Communications Commission. He accused the host of race-baiting and ratcheting up tensions.

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