It was reruns week at the box office this weekend as the top four films remained the same as last week, headed up by the $13.1 million estimated take for the teen thrills of I Know What You Did Last Summer, one of three Sony movies in the top five.

The studio's sci-fi Gattaca, pairing Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman in a genetically controlled future, was a new entry in the Top 10, landing in fifth place with a so-so $4.4 million, just behind the company's epic Seven Years in Tibet, again holding fourth place in the rankings.

Two other new films with specialized audience appeal charted this week. The family movie Fairytale: A True Story alighted in sixth place and A Life Less Ordinary, which teamed Ewan McGregor and Cameron Diaz in a surreal romantic caper, squeezed into the ninth slot.

But it was two films which haven't yet gone into wide release that aroused the most audience interest. Boogie Nights, a peek into the porn industry, starring Mark Wahlberg and Burt Reynolds, registered a whopping $15,323 per screen average in limited exposure, which is nearly three times the $5,190 average for I Know What You Did Last Summer that could be seen here, there and everywhere. Meanwhile, Bean, still only in release in Canada, pulled in an above average $6,500 per location--although its $1.6 million didn't keep the sniggering British comedy it the Top 10 slot.

In spite of the blizzards in the Midwest, ticket sales were only slightly down from the previous week and still up on last year's October business.

Here's the estimated take for Friday through Sunday for movies released in North America:

1. I Know What You Did Last Summer, $13.1 million
2. The Devil's Advocate, $10.3 million
3. Kiss the Girls, $5.2 million
4. Seven Years in Tibet, $4.8 million
5. Gattaca, $4.4 million
6. Fairytale: A True Story. $3.4 million
7. In & Out, $2.8 million
8. Soul Food, $2.2 million
9. A Life Less Ordinary, $2.1 million
10.L.A. Confidential, $2 million

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