Was it true? Could Disney animators be preparing to do the unthinkable and actually tamper with one of Uncle Walt's masterpieces?

According to Internet rumors disseminated by Ain't It Cool--a part-gossip, part-insider-news Website dedicated to movies--Disney cartoonists are sharpening their pencils, ready to add new scenes to the 1937 classic, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the first of Walt Disney's feature-length cartoons. The new footage would reportedly show the seven dwarves making Snow White's bed and eating soup--sequences sketched but snipped from the original.

Sacrilege, screamed offended Mouseketeers. Disney's switchboards were jammed with irate callers demanding Snow White remain untouched.

Well, for the time being, the wintry waif will be spared a facelift. "I categorically deny that we would ever touch Snow White." So vowed Peter Schneider, president of Disney's feature animation divison, to the Hollywood Reporter.

But Schneider did confirm another tidbit first mentioned on Ain't It Cool. Disney will be adding six-to-eight minutes of new animation to the 1991 Oscar-nominated Beauty and the Beast, as well as a new song, "Human Again," for a planned re-release.

"We are considering animating 'Human Again,' which was the final song written by [lyricist] Howard Ashman before he died," Schneider told the Reporter. "It was cut for many reasons and was not recorded. We have talked to the (talent), who are available, and we're looking at recording the song in December or January." The new scenes would be supervised by Don Hahn, the film's original producer, and take up to a year to complete.

The additional sequences have already been incorporated into the stage adaption of the film, as has "Human Again."

For those unfamiliar with the musical version, "Human Again" is performed by the Beast's transformed servants who hope Belle's arrival in the cursed castle will break the spell imprisoning them as household objects, and let them be human again.

No release date for the new Beauty has been set.

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