BOX OFFICE: Morgan Freeman's thriller Kiss The Girls was top of the box office for a second week, beating out Brad Pitt as the mop-top mountaineer in the epic Seven Years In Tibet.

WHIPLASH: Actress Alicia Silverstone is being sued by a man who was run over by the Clueless star last year in Los Angeles. Bruce Brodnax, then 64, was struck in a crosswalk by a car driven by Silverstone, according to police. He initially complained of neck and shoulder pain. Now Brodnax wants the young celebrity to pay medical expenses, reimburse him for lost earnings and fork over cash for unspecified damages.

MORE THAN HE CAN CHEW: Thanks, but no thanks. A spokesperson for disgraced broadcaster Marv Albert says he won't be accepting any job offers until he's completed counseling. On Friday, it was revealed that New York City's top sports talk radio station had been negotiating for the ex-NBC sportscaster's return to the air.

BEAT IT: Don't go shopping for Janet Jackson's new album in Singapore. The Velvet Rope, hailed by U.S. music critics, has been banned by government officials there. Three songs--it's not known which ones--were rapped for addressing battery, homosexuality and your garden variety sexuality.

THE "D" WORD: Boston Magazine reports that John F. Kennedy Jr. and bride Carolyn Bissette Kennedy had this heated exchange last summer, en route to Martha's Vineyard: Why don't we just get divorced, he said. "Oh, no," she said. "We waited for your mother to die to get married. We're waiting for my mother to die to get a divorce." (Did it just get chilly in here?)

FORE! Rock pioneer Carl Perkins ("Blue Suede Shoes") is, for the moment, singing the blues. The 65-year-old singer/songwriter says somebody ripped off $2,300 worth of golf gear from his garage at his home in Tennessee.

GRUMPY PEOPLE: Rough waters at Disneyland's long-popular Jungle Cruise attraction. Eight workers have been fired for ad-libbing comments on the ride, according to a published report. Four others are using doctors' notes to beg off the cruise; yet another has quit.

ROSEANNE WATCH: A spokesperson for Roseanne is not denying a supermarket tabloid report that says the colorful comedian received treatment at a Texas mental hospital for nine days last month, according to New York's Daily News. The ex-sitcom star is due to launch a TV talk show next year.

NO DICE: Actor Kirk Douglas' youngest son will miss Dad's 81st birthday December 9. That's because a judge in Connecticut refused Friday to reshuffle the start of jury selection for Eric Douglas' trial on disorderly conduct and risk of injury to a minor charges.

PLAY IT AGAIN: Due in stores Tuesday, the soundtrack to Casablanca. Fans have been waiting 55 years for this one. The film's complete score and songs (including, "As Time Goes By," natch) have never before been released on one album. The 20-track CD also features snippets of dialogue from the Humphrey Bogart classic.

2000-YEAR-OLD GAG: Also in stores Tuesday is the first new 2000-Year-Old Man album in nearly 30 years. Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner have reteamed to bring the Geezer from Gaza into the '90s.

BREAKING FEVER: The New York radio station that's putting together that reunion concert of Saturday Night Fever soundtrack performers hopes it's a step closer to finding Yvonne Elliman. It's following up on a tip that places the "If I Can't Have You" singer (maybe) on the West Coast.

SPAWN: Don Hewitt, the longtime executive producer of 60 Minutes, thinks he created a monster. He has launched a blistering attack on network newsmagazines--of which 60 Minutes is the granddaddy of them all. Today, he says, there's just flat-out too many of them.

NIGHT OWLS: Two months after The Keenen Ivory Wayans Show and Vibe both entered TV's late-night talk wars, industry insiders are saying the programs have failed to break out and become the next Arsenio Hall, as hoped. Wayans, at least, is faring better than Vibe--attracting an average of 2.3 million viewers a night, compared to his competitor's 2 million.

CRAP SHOOT: Andrew "Dice" Clay's latest comeback attempt has rolled a lucky seven. UPN has ordered more episodes of his lowly rated Hitz. That move should keep the sitcom on the air through the season.

COMING TO A CITY NEAR YOU...: The owners of Hollywood's Chinese Theatre are planning to build replicas of the famed movie house across the country. Denver is the first city in line to get one--with construction expected to begin in December.

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