So much for being homeless.

O.J. "I'm Broke" Simpson--forced from his swanky Brentwood digs because he couldn't keep up on the mortgage payments--has reportedly settled in a new place that isn't exactly the projects.

The new chez O.J., according to Los Angeles TV reports: a ridgetop four-bedroom, four-and-a-half bath number in the Santa Monica Mountains, featuring sweeping ocean vistas, a private drive and a massive, press-proof front gate--all for a mere $6,000 a month. Simpson said he wanted to remain in the L.A. area (his new home is in the posh Pacific Palisades) so he could keep his children in the same private school.

O.J. began moving out over Labor Day weekend, unnoticed by journalists obsessed with the death of Princess Diana. The final boxes were hauled away earlier this week.

Simpson stopped making mortgage payments on his Brentwood mansion--his home of 20 years--after he found himself on the losing end of a $33.5 million civil judgment. His bank foreclosed on the property and later auctioned it. When no other buyers stepped up, the bank purchased the chi-chi spread (minus furniture, Broncos, Kato and Heisman) itself for $2.6 million. Now, the going price on O.J.'s ex-estate is about $4 million.

Simpson collects about $25,000 a month before taxes from $4 million in private pension funds--protected by law from the lawsuit award.

Meanwhile, in other Simpson goings-on, ex-galpal Paula Barbieri tells Diane Sawyer that she considers the Juice "a bad guy" who regularly lied to her and had a hair-trigger temper. But, Barbieri insists, "I have to believe" he didn't kill his ex-wife and her friend. The whole interview airs tonight on PrimeTime Live.

For his part, O.J. says his life is pretty good. "As long as I'm with my kids, and they're happy, my life will never be miserable. I play golf: That keeps me out of the therapist's chair," Simpson tells the Associated Press. "I wish I didn't have this cloud over my head--the cloud that people think they can call me a murderer. That they think I could have taken anyone's life, even an animal's life, that bothers me."

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