TOP OF THE NEWS: Was Princess Diana killed by a drunken driver? A Reuters News Service report Monday says the man who was at the wheel when the Mercedes Benz, carrying Diana and boyfriend Dodi Fayed, crashed into a Paris tunnel early Sunday had a blood alcohol level more than two times the French legal limit. Diana, Fayed and the driver died in the accident.

DIANA'S FUNERAL: Diana, the so-called "people's princess," will be given a final farewell Saturday at London's Westminster Abbey, it was announced Monday. There had been debate as to whether Diana, technically an ex-royal since her divorce from Prince Charles, would be afforded a state funeral, but said a Buckingham Palace spokeswoman: "The status is irrelevant. This is a unique funeral for a unique person."

DODI BURIED: Diana's companion in that deadly weekend crash, Dodi Fayed, was buried late Sunday following a service at a London mosque. Fayed, a sometimes movie producer whose credits included the Oscar-winning Chariots of Fire, was 41.

CELEBS AND DI: Hollywood is joining the chorus of critics angry over reports that Princess Diana's car was being chased by paparazzi prior to the deadly accident. Sylvester Stallone calls the freelance photographers "legalized stalkers;" Tom Cruise likens their actions to "harassment under the guise of [freedom of the press]".

ANOTHER CULPRIT? A lawyer for the Dodi Fayed's millionaire father says the family has talked to a man who will say he saw a motorcycle zig-zag in front of the Fayed's Mercedes Benz just before the fateful crash that killed the playboy and Princess Diana. Dodi's dad Mohammed Al Fayed, the owner of London's famed Harrods department store, wants the photographers investigated for possible manslaughter charges.

CRASH SCENE: An eyewitness from the Princess Diana crash scene says the world's most photographed woman was "unconscious...moaning and gesturing in every direction." The man, a French doctor, was the first person to treat Diana at the crash scene. He says he tried to aid her breathing. All the while, he says, about 10 to 15 photographers snapped away.

DIANA'S LAST WORDS: Princess Diana was content, in love and ready to retire public life, says a London journalist and longtime Di confidant who talked with the beloved royal just six hours before her death. The writer says Diana and boyfriend Dodi Fayed were "blissfully happy."

NEW CONSCIENCE: The editor of the National Enquirer says he's been offered a photo of the Princess Diana crash scene--and he turned it down. French police seized the film that pursuing paparazzi shot of the Paris accident scene, so it's not clear where the picture that the Enquirer says it had a chance to buy--for $250,000--came from.

OTHER NEWS: Misdemeanor charges are expected to be filed by Tuesday against actor Christian Slater. The 28-year-old movie star, now in rehab, reportedly went blotto at a party August 11.

BOX OFFICE REPORT: A record-breaking summer season wound down with Demi Moore's G.I. Jane atop the box office. The Moore military movie grossed an estimated $10.1 million over the holiday weekend.

FEELING BLUE: Harmonica legend Junior Wells, who has played with the likes of Muddy Waters and the Rolling Stones, has been diagnosed with lymphoma. But his manager says the prognosis is good. Wells, 62, was forced to cancel several concert appearances due to the illness.

MUSIC MINUS ONE Subtract Scott Weiland from Stone Temple Pilots and what do you get? How about Talk Show. The new band, which features all of STP minus frontman Weiland, debuts Tuesday. Dave Coutts handles the vocal duties.

TUBE TITANS: Hercules and Xena: Warrior Princess will protect us from evil forces and/or boredom up to, at least, the new millennium. Universal TV, which produces both syndicated action shows, says it's renewed the two series through the 1999-2000 season.

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