Is it a case of like father like son in the Anthony Quinn clan? Last week, during an ugly divorce suit between Anthony and Iolanda Quinn, son Danny testified that his Academy Award-winning dad beat his mother.

Now, the younger Quinn tells USA Today Monday that he, too, is guilty of abusing a spouse, ex-wife, Lauren Holly. "I will not cast a stone at my father, if I don't cast it at myself," said Quinn, 33. "I would grab her; I would punch her; I would kick her. It was awful. There were times I really wanted to hurt her."

The second-generation actor insists he still carries a torch for Holly, whom he married in 1991 and divorced two years later, even though she has since married and split from superstar Jim Carrey. He says he called the star of A Smile Like Yours just last week to offer support, because "if she needed anything, I would be there in a minute."

There is no word from Holly's camp as to whether she ever received such a call, and, if she did, whether she spoke to her ex-hubbie.

Danny Quinn says he made his confession as a sort of therapy. He believes that acknowledging his own violence and dysfunction has helped his healing process. He says he had no regrets about testifying that his father beat him, his mother and his brothers, Francesco and Lorenzo.

He also expressed the hope that the erstwhile Zorba the Greek would join in the healing process, but admits that he doesn't expect to hear from him anytime soon. While the elder Quinn settled the divorce suit, he refuses to admit to any violent family traits. In fact, Anthony Quinn's lawyer has even suggested that Danny only testified to advance his own career.

Danny laughed at this suggestion. He told the paper that his career was flourishing--he has been featured in a number of TV series including Codename: Wolverine and will be seen in a new Rockford Files TV movie this fall. In spite of his testimony, the younger Quinn doesn't believe his father would cut him off financially, either. (As recently as last year, Danny was borrowing $5,000 from his 82-year-old millionaire pop.)

But even if dad dinherits him, Danny insists he did the right thing. "There are greater fortunes to be made in this world. The greatest of all is a spiritual fortune. I have that. My mom and brothers and friends love me very much."

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