People, it's time to get a grip. And maybe a life. When Barbra Streisand and James Brolin walk down the aisle, they'll let us know. Okay?

Overanxious for the wedding of (the end of) the century, America's leading industry this summer has been the manufacture of Streisand-Brolin nuptial rumors--with the latest, greatest (and most unfounded) Big Scoop being that the happy couple was going to do the ring thing, in the company of President Clinton, this weekend on Block Island off the coast of Rhode Island.

Streisand, who once sang "Enough Is Enough," is saying it these days, too. Her spokesman in Los Angeles took the unusual route Thursday of issuing an absolute refutation to the Block Island reports, through a statement to USA Today.

While standard celebrity response to the rumor mill is no response at all (as was the M.O. for bum reports last month that Streisand and Brolin were going to wed in Malibu), Dick Guttmann told the paper Ms. Yentl finally decided to break the silence when a New York Post gossip column had the "utter gall" to report Wednesday that the Block Island shindig had been scotched because the paper leaked info regarding the wedding a few days earlier.

There were also reports floating around that the alleged wedding was called off because First Guest, President Clinton, was unavailable to attend.

"Please, two falses do not make a true," Streisand said in the statement, that betrayed her political leanings and inexplicably took a detour into commentary on Whitewater. "It's a little like Kenneth Starr spending $30 million of our money to conclude that Vincent Foster actually committed suicide, something we knew all along."

Fiance James Brolin issued his official denial through Entertainment Tonight. He did not mention Whitewater.

"I'm literally busy shooting," said Brolin, who stars in the upcoming syndicated drama series, Pensacola: Wings of Gold. "I don't have time to get married right now. We have plans as soon as we wrap, next spring probably."

Brolin referred to the Post gossip columnist as "some guy who makes a living making up stories."

It was the former Marcus Welby, M.D. practitioner who spilled the beans on his and La Streisand's engagement last May. "We have been married several times, according to what I've read. It's time we got engaged," the 57-year-old actor said on The Rosie O'Donnell show, confirming their soon-to-be-hitched status.

Brolin's been married twice before; Streisand, once--to actor Elliott Gould.

Last month, Brolin said he and Streisand, 55, were waiting for a "sign" to get married.

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