Yoko Ono--often blasted by Beatles fans for breaking up the band--may finally tell her version of her love affair with John Lennon.

Ono is reportedly in the final stages of talks with Columbia Studios president Amy Pascal for a movie that will depict the couple's life together--from their meeting in a SoHo art gallery in 1966, their bare-it-all Two Virgins days in the late '60s, their brief split in the '70s, up to Lennon's tragic murder on December 8, l980. The deal is expected to be inked by Labor Day, according to Daily Variety.

Ironically, Ono in widowhood has earned the respect that was denied her when Lennon was alive. Some ardent Beatles fans may still blame her for the Moptop's 1970 disbanding, although the instinctively avant-garde Lennon would probably have moved on to something more experimental even if he hadn't hooked up with Ono, a progressive conceptual artist. Critics and music historians now acknowledge her contributions to both Lennon's artistic growth and her influence on rock's new wave.

She played a role in the l988 documentary Imagine, which tells the story of Lennon's life through his own words, opening the family archives to filmmakers Andrew Solt and David Wolper. She also has fancied herself a documentarian of sorts, having made a number of quirky films including the l967 study of rear ends, Bottoms.

No word on the casting yet, but Lennon has been portrayed a number of times in movies chroncling his life. Ian Hart (the current star of Hollow Reed) has the most experience, imitating the Beatle in l993's Backbeat, which looked at the band's early years in Hamburg when Stu Sutcliffe was still a member, and again in The Hours and Times, which probed the possibly homoerotic relationship between Lennon and manager Brian Epstein.

In the l985 TV movie John and Yoko: A Love Story Lennon was played by Mark McGann and Yoko by Kim Miyori, while in a later TV movie, Love and Betrayal: The Mia Farrow Story, Julian Lennon played his papa.

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