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*Update at 4:56 pm* Ay, chi chi! What a day! I've been to Betty town, I've been to Heroes town, and now...I'm going to a little town called my Sealy Pillowtop. But before I do, I want to let you know that my love for newcomers America Ferrera (who broke down in tears talking about her nomination--is that not the sweetest?) and Masi Oka (who could not have been more humble) officially knows no bounds. Same goes for Evangeline Lilly, who replied back to my congratulatory email: "Thank you! I'm still in happy shock!" (So cute.) Ah, so much love. And I am officially spent. Stand by for a Vine show coming your way with my one-on-one time with America and Masi, in which I also swap spit with Adrian Pasdar! (Okay, so it had to do with sipping champagne, but a girl's gotta brag where she can, right?). And now back to my earlier story...

Go, Masi, it's your nomination day!
We're gonna party like it's your nomination day!
We're gonna sip Bacardi like it's yo...


Sorry, I didn't see you standing there. I was just, you know, doing a little celebratory dance in honor of my favorite new TV star, Heroes' Masi Oka, who went and got his badass self a—wait for it, wait for it—Golden Globe Award nomination this morning! Yeee!

I should note, my deliriously euphoric state has nothing to do with the fact that I woke up at 2 a.m. or that the champagne and mimosas were flowing at the Beverly Hilton (well, very little to do with that anyway), but rather that the Hollywood Foreign Press was so on the money this morning, handing out a slew of nominations to truly deserving shows and stars. Such a pleasant surprise! (Especially after those nightmare Emmys a few months ago, no?)

Not only did my beloved Masi get a nod, but Heroes also scored a spot as a Best Drama contender, which, FYI, rocks. Also, after Lost's despicable Emmy snub a few months ago, our pals Damon, Carlton and J.J. received a Best Drama nod—whoo!—and, in what may have been the best surprise of the morning, Evangeline Lilly scored a Lead Actress nomination. (Last I checked, it didn't take much "acting" to rip Josh Holloway's clothing off, but, oh wait, come to think of it, Evie did some other pretty phenomenal, emotionally engaging stuff, too. Much deserved, Evie. Kudos!)

And can we just talk about Showtime for a second here? The show I contend to be the best comedy on television, Weeds, got a total of four nominations—a Best Comedy nod and individual acting kudos for Mary-Louise Parker, Justin Kirk and Elizabeth Perkins—which makes me feel like I've been smoking some (again, though, maybe it's just the sleep deprivation). Plus! The phenomenal Michael C. Hall also received a nomination for Dexter, which is the show I'm personally most freaking out over right about now (more coming on this Sunday's freaktastic finale). Showtime certainly seems to be gaining on HBO when it comes to these kudofests, does it not? Though HBO did make a showing with a Best Drama nod for Big Love (love) and acting kudos to Bill Paxton and Edie Falco.

Last but "seriously" not least, we gotta give a little shout-out to Grey's Meredith and Izzie, since Ellen Pompeo and Katherine Heigl both received their first Globe nods today, as well as McDreamy Patrick Dempsey who got his second nom in a row. (I was a little bummed by the Sandra Oh snub, but she won last year, so I s'pose it's only fair.)

As for the most beautiful nominee? That has to be ABC's Ugly Betty! America's favorite new feel-good show received a nomination for Best Comedy and for our girl America Ferrera!

I'm actually headed right now to the set of Ugly Betty to bring America Ferrera a little Dom Perignon (that's how we roll here at E!; we splurge on the good stuff...although I've never seen champagne that came in a six-pack before, but whatever!). And though I'm not actually invited, per se, I'm gonna go stalk Masi on the set of Heroes as well. Wish me luck—and an invisibility cloak.

Meanwhile, I'm so giddy that I'm well aware I'm forgetting to mention all the people who should have been nominated (John Krasinksi, Jenna Fischer and Kristen Bell come to mind), so fill me in on the snubs by sounding off in the comments section below, will ya? Who was robbed? Who shouldn't be on the nomination list? You can get the full nomination list (soon) in our news story here.

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