Jurors heard Autumn Jackson coolly raise her demand for payment from the Globe after the murder of Ennis Cosby, as a tape made by a reporter for the tabloid was played Thursday in the New York courtroom where the 22-year-old woman is on trial for extorting money from Bill Cosby.

Globe reporter Chistopher Doherty testified that Jackson and another defendant in the case, Jose Medina, had approached him the day before the murder and offered to sell a story that she was Cosby's secret love child. First, they demanded $5,000, then $25,000 for Jackson, who presented herself as "destitute and living in a car," Doherty said.

After the murder on January 16, Medina told Doherty in a taped conversation that, "We know the approximate value of this story." Later, Jackson phoned to say, "Here's the thing, okay? This is what I want. This is going to be for 50 grand when the contract comes back tomorrow."

She also demanded that the tabloid pay $25,000 up front. When Doherty asked for "leeway" to get the money, Jackson flatly said, "I cannot do that."

Doherty testified that his editors told him to "get the story at all costs." But prosecutors argue that Jackson, Medina and a third conspirator, Boris Sabas, just wanted a contract from the Globe for leverage in extorting money. According to the prosecution, Jackson included a contract for $25,000 from the Globe in a threatening letter she sent Cosby and CBS, which airs his sitcom.

Cosby's lawyer Jack Schmitt also testified that just after receiving Jackson's extortion letter on January 16, he took a call from Cosby's publicist in Los Angeles confirming Ennis' murder. He then had a grim phone call with the entertainer.

"What have you heard?" Cosby asked.

"It sounds like Ennis," Schmitt said. Cosby told him he was shutting down his show and going home to his wife.

"I hate to be telling you this now Bill," Schmitt added, "but Autumn is prepared to carry out her threats unless you give her what she wants."

The next day the attorney took the case to the FBI.

(Updated 6:40 p.m. PT)

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