TOP OF THE NEWS: Two men have been charged with attempting to extort Elle Macperhson by threatening to post photos of the leggy Aussie supermodel and actress on the Internet.

COSBY TRIAL: A six-man, six-woman jury has been selected today in New York in the extortion trial of the 22-year-old reputed illegitimate daughter of entertainer Bill Cosby. Autumn Jackson is accused of trying to drain $40 million from Cosby. Opening statements are scheduled for tomorrow.

LAST ROAD: Folksy CBS newsman Charles Kuralt was buried today at beloved alma mater, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Some 2,000 mourners attended services for the "authentic American hero"--as one eulogist put it. Kuralt died last Friday. He was 62.

RATINGS UPDATE: The long-awaited revisions to the TV ratings system may finally be OK'd this week. This, after Hollywood lobbyists secured a letter from a congressman promising to stay off their backs for at least three years once the new, beefed-up codes are adopted.

BELLY UP: Debbie Reynolds and her Las Vegas hotel and casino have declared bankruptcy. Still, the plucky performer plans to remain the featured entertainer at her Vegas glamour-a-rama, which remains open.

COURTHOUSE ROCK: Two disgruntled rockers formerly with Kiss and Mötley Crüe are suing their respective ex-bandmates. Guitarist Vinnie Vincent's lawsuit claims the masked men of Kiss cheated him of millions of dollars in royalties he earned during his stint with the group in the early 1980s; John Corabi's complaint seeks at least $4 million he says he's owed for replacing Crüe lead singer Vince Neil on one album in 1994.

ALBERT ALERT: Prosecutors plan to use DNA evidence against NBC sportscaster Marv Albert when they try him on forcible sodomy and assault and battery charges in September. Albert provided hair, saliva and blood samples following the alleged February 12 attack.

PAGING, SANTA: If Warner Home Video has its way, it'll be a DVD Christmas. This fall, the company, in conjunction with the home video departments at MGM, New Line and HBO, will launch a major, national sales campaign for the fledgling format that plays movies in digital-quality sound and picture, releasing some 200 DVDs. Sony and PolyGram have announced similar plans.

SNEAKY STUFF: Men in Black is on its way to becoming the third fastest movie to reach $100 million at the box office--and its achievement is no small thanks to an increasingly popular Hollywood marketing tool: The advance screening.

TRUMPED: Ivana be alone--again. Donald Trump's ex has split from her third husband, Italian businessman Riccardo Mazzucchelli, after less than two years of marriage. Ivana, 48, is upset that hubby blabbed to the tabloids.

ROYAL YARD SALE: First Princess Di, now the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. Sotheby's says it'll put 40,000 items recovered from the scandalous couple's Paris home on the auction block in New York in September.

POOPED OUT: Pop went Iggy Pop's shoulder, and now the aging, former Velvet Underground frontman will be forced to sit out the rest of summer's R.O.A.R. rock tour. Pop dislocated the shoulder during a show last month.

MICKEY'S MILLIONS: A 27-year-old Concord, California, woman has become the 400-millionth visitor to Disneyland--and been awarded a lifetime pass to the Magic Kingdom for her part in history. The landmark turnstile turn came last weekend.

EURO TRASH: Batman & Robin may be repelling moviegoers and critics alike here in the states, but it's doing boffo box office in places like Finland, Switzerland and Brazil. The movie's even showing staying power overseas, where it's grossed more than $35 million.

F.Y.I.: Former teen dream Donny Osmond, now 39, is set to play Samuel the Lamanite in Palmyra, New York's, 60th annual Hill Cumorah Pageant, an outdoor drama that tells the story of the Mormons. Performances run Friday through Saturday.

TIGER'S CADDY: No doubt figuring golf sensation Tiger Woods--only 21--has a few good swings ahead of him, CBS Sports has signed up to carry the PGA Championship for seven more years. Woods' presence on the PGA tour has spiked TV golf ratings this year.

VERY INTERESTING: Seinfeld couldn't cut it on German TV, but another American sitcom is proving to be a ratings hit there--Hogan's Heroes, that wacky 1960s sitcom set in a Nazi prison camp.

EMMY WATCH: Nominations for the 49th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards will be announced July 24. The awards show, to be telecast on CBS, is scheduled for September 14.

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