So, they do their darndest to make a big, loud, bombs-bursting-in-air boy movie, and then what do they want to do? Try to sell it to girls.

At least that's part of the marketing strategy being deployed by this summer's latest ammunition extravaganza, Con Air, which opens today.

On paper, Con Air should be nobody's idea of a chick flick.

The premise: A bunch of bad-attitude convicts hijack a prison transport plane. Explosions and assorted mayhem ensue.

The stars: Nicolas Cage, John Cusack, John Malkovich and a stubble-covered crew of guy-guys (Steve Buscemi, Ving Rhames, Mykelti Williamson, etc.) Good actors, or no, they're not the typical "Sexiest Man Alive" material.

But Con Air producer Jerry Bruckheimer--who, with former partner the late Don Simpson, specialized in testosterone classics, The Rock and Top Gun--will not be deterred. He thinks Con Air should, and can, work as a boy and girl movie. (The prize, if he's right? Lots and lots of box office. If he's wrong? Probably just lots of box office.)

Bruckheimer served as sort of an advocate for women viewers on the $75-million Con Air. As filmed, one scene, for example, depicted a dead body triggering six car crashes, after the corpse falls from the transport plane to the hood of an automobile below.

Because the movie, Bruckheimer told the Wall Street Journal, "just had too many car crashes, it was trimmed to feature a mere three. (How Steel Magnolias-esque.)

Con Air's studio, Disney, is doing its part to show off the flick's sensitive side. A TV commercial featuring Nicolas Cage slow-dancing to a Trisha Yearwood tune with his movie wife, Monica Potter, is getting heavy play on cable's VH-1 and the daytime soaps. "A woman looking at that might say, 'Hey, there's something in there for me,'" Bruckhemier told the Journal. "'It's not just for my husband or my boyfriend.'"

Con Air: Now accepting all potential frequent flyers. Particularly, those with deep wallets.

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