COURTWATCH: Pamela Anderson Lee testified in the trial over her refusal to play in Hello, She Lied that she was the victim of a sexual assault while shooting a previous movie and that made her extremely wary of sex scenes. For the latest in celebrity run-ins with the law, visit Celeb Courthouse.

SEALED: A Los Angeles judge has granted a motion by lawyers for Ennis Cosby's accused killer, Mikail Markhasev, to keep transcripts of the grand jury indictment against him sealed.

MISSING ELEMENT: The New York Times reports that Bruce Willis pulled out of a waterfront development project in his home town of Penns Grove, New Jersey, that had raised hopes for economic revitalization in the struggling town.

FLYING BLIND: Sylvester Stallone had a rough ride to Cannes. Shortly after takeoff, the windshield on the pilot's side of his private jet blew out. The pilot made an emergency landing in Maine where Sly and entourage got on another jet. "I always wanted to travel to Europe in a convertible," Sly quipped afterward.

ENGAGED: Rosie Perez was given a mostrous diamond engagement ring by boyfriend of two years Seth Rosenfield. He wrote and directed Perez's upcoming movie A Brother's Kiss. No wedding date has been set yet.

BADFELLA: The mobster whose autobiography inspired GoodFellas is back in jail, nabbed in an airport hotel room on a parole violation while in the New York area for appearances on the Geraldo Rivera and Howard Stern shows. Henry Hill could have avoided arrest if he had not gotten drunk and missed his flight back to California.

TV-DC: Newt Gingrich and other members of Congress sent letters to the heads of the network entertainment divisions demanding more "family" programming in family hour, the first hour of primetime.

MANSON DEATH: A road-crew member for Marilyn Manson was killed in a fall, apparently while rappelling for fun down a wall of the Washington, D.C. armory shortly before the shock-rock band was to play today.

RIBBONS: Robert de Niro, Spanishdirector Pedro Almodovar and French filmmaker Andre Techine were given the Legion of Honor, one of France's highest awards, in a tribute staged Friday at the Cannes festival. Check out our serving of daily reports from the festival.

TAKE THAT: Neil Young didn't show up for his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, which airs tonight on VH1, because he thought it's become too much of a packaged-for-TV event. Nonetheless, the cable network will show one of Young's videos every hour today...MTV will introduce a Cindy, a computer-generated host, to its lineup in mid-July.

REMEMBER THEM? O.J. Simpson crashed a celebrity golf tournament in Key Biscyane, Florida. He paid to play at the event, which raises money for sickle-cell anemia and thalassemia research. Denzel Washington, Spike Lee and Will Smith are among the celebs who were invited to play. Anti-O.J. protesters thronged the course...Marcia Clark gets cross-examined by Barbara Walters tonight on ABC's 20/20. She's touting her new book.

NEWS FOR SUITS: Universal Studios is ready to buy the half of USA Network it doesn't own from Viacom, says the Wall Street Journal. The two companies have been feuding over control of the cable network for a year.

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