TOP OF THE NEWS: Lollapalooza, the big summer music tour, announced an eclectic lineup of talent ranging from Snoop Doggy Dogg to Devo.

NOT A CHANCE: Judge Hiroshi Fujisaki denied O.J. Simpson's appeal for a new trial of the civil case won by the families of murder victims Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson. The judge also upheld the $33.5 million verdict against Simpson, calling it "insufficient rather than expansive when compared to life in prison or death"--an apparent reference to the murder rap O.J. beat.

COURTWATCH: Trial began today in Los Angeles in a suit by the Private Movie Company against Pamela Anderson Lee, charging that she walked out of the lead role in Hello, She Lied at the last minute.

NO SUSPENSE: ABC released the tape of the big Ellen coming-out episode, giving the plot away.

MEN ONLY: Leaders of the Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand, are protesting that the Spice Girls, the hot British pop band, performed a joke version of a sacred war dance which is supposed to be performed only by men.

91210-NO: Luke Perry has dissed his old address. The former 90210 star tells TV Guide that Fox should pull the plug on the show. "It's going to be less and less and less."

FALSE ADVERTISING: A federal judge in Los Angeles said today he intends to dismiss several claims in Reebok's lawsuit against Tristar over Jerry Maguire. The ruling means Reebok still will be able to sue Tristar for breach of contract, breach of promise, unjust enrichment, intentional misrepresentation and fraudulent concealment for not featuring its sneakers in the movie.

FAST FORWARD: The top five rentals in the video stores last week, as counted by VideoLog: 101 Dalmatians, The Associate, The First Wives Club, Space Jam and William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet.

LAST TRIP: Ken Kesey's original psychedelic Merry Prankster bus is making its final trip. The legendary bus is on its way to Cleveland, where it will be displayed at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

ON BOARD: Former Cars' frontman Ric Ocasek has signed to Columbia Records as an artist and producer, returning to active duty as a recording artist in his own right after some three years of producing other acts including Weezer, Nerf Herder and D-Generation.

GOOD DEED: A star-heavy cast, led by Tom Hanks, makes an appeal for proper care of young children, on an ABC special tonight.

SUPER HERO: Bankrupt comic book company Marvel Entertainment made a deal to be acquired by Toy Biz, the company which holds the toy licenses to Marvel characters such as Spider-Man and the Hulk.

LIBRARY CARD: MGM plans to acquire Metromedia and its library of 2,200 films and TV shows for $573 million.

NO RESPECT: The U.S. Supreme Court turned down an appeal from comedian Rodney Dangerfield, who sought more damages from the Star tabloid. In 1995, Dangerfield won a defamation suit over a 1990 article headlined "Vegas Casino Accuses Caddyshack Funnyman: Rodney Dangerfield Swills Vodka by the Tumblerful, Smokes Pot All Day and Uses Cocaine."

THE BIG ONE: World War Two stories fascinate Hollywood lately, says Daily Variety. The Ludendorff Pirates, a 20-year-old novel about Allied sailors hijacking a German battleship, has been optioned by Warner Bros. It joins Saving Private Ryan, the Spielberg/Hanks project, and others in the genre.

WOMAN OF MYSTERY: Elizabeth Hurley (now in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery) will star opposite Ben Stiller in Permanent Midnight, the story of a heroin-addicted screenwriter. For all the casting news see The Dotted Line .

RED EYE: If you do a lot of flying, you may know this already: the top-booked movie on airline flights last year was The American President.

AT SEA: Daily Variety says that director James Cameron is shooting to bring his Titanic to theaters on July 25.

AUCTION MOVIE: The bidding is up to $600,000 for the rights to the Rambo franchise, up for sale as part of the bankruptcy of Carolco Pictures.

FAMILIAR FACE: Judith Light, who co-starred in the longrunning ABC hit Who's the Boss, will lead in the CBS pilot The Simple Life. She'll play a Martha Stewart type.

TIFFANY: The CBS TV network posted a $44 million loss for the first quarter, following a $79 million loss in fourth-quarter '96. CBS' older audience limits its ad sales.

STAGING: Roman Polanski is hard at work on a musical, stage version of his 1967 film Fearless Vampire Killers. It will debut in Vienna on October 4.

SLAVE LABOR: DreamWorks had to pay actors who sang West African songs in scenes for Steven Spielberg's slave-rebellion drama Amistad the $447-a-day singer's rate after the Screen Actors Guild protested that they received the $79-a-day extra's rate.

REAL LIFE: MTV crews have moved into the deserted Marineland amusement park site near Los Angeles as the new summer set for the music video network. Producers say the set will be a cross between Love Boat and Fantasy Island .

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