WEDDING BELLS: After weeks of speculation, Brooke Shields and Andre Agassi finally tied the knot Saturday in a quiet ceremony in Northern California. It's the first marriage for both...Boy Wonder Chris O'Donnell married his sweetheart, kindergarten teacher Caroline Fentress, in Washington Saturday.

FINAL FRONTIER: Acid guru Timothy Leary will take the ultimate trip Monday when his ashes are blasted into space with a Spanish satellite. His remains will accompany those of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and 22 others in the world's first space funeral.

THE BIG SQUEEZE: Anaconda continued its chokehold on the box office, squeezing out $12.2 million in receipts this weekend, according to industry estimates. Liar Liar finished second with $10.2 million and Murder at 1600 debuted with a disappointing $8.0 million.

UNCLE MILTIE MAG: Mr. Television Milton Berle introduces his namesake magazine dedicated to pet vices like cigar smoking and gambling this week. It's motto: "We drink! We smoke! We gamble!"

GAGGED: The judge in the Ennis Cosby murder case issued a gag order late Friday, preventing lawyers in the case from discussing details with the press.

BAD CUTS: The International Artists Rights Symposium '97 wrapped up last night after two days of talks on the issue of alterations to films and other media deemed "inappropriate." Wal-Mart and Blockbuster have been reported to be selling videos and CDs that had objectionable scenes or lyrics edited out and networks regularly edit films for TV.

BAD RATINGS: Barry Diller, the media mogul who started the Fox network and QVC, told the National Press Club Friday that the television industry's program-ratings system "makes no sense" and should be scrapped. "It does not work," he said.

LEGAL TUMBLING Annoying gymnast Kerri Strug is suing the sponsor of a gymnastic tour, claiming she's owed $850,000. But the World Gold Gymnastics Tour, sponsored by Magic Concert Promotions, says Strug's sprained ankle prevented her from doing her "most exciting" routines.

ON ICE: Paramount has warned theater executives not to expect the mega-budgeted movie Titanic on its scheduled release date of July 2. The studio said that July 18 or 25--but possibly Thanksgiving--could be the date...Meanwhile, Rhino Records is releasing an album of songs that were performed on the ship's voyage, including the tunes the band played as the ship sank.

BAND ON THE RUN: The Meadowlands arena in New Jersey banned Marilyn Manson from a festival, the latest in a herd of venues to ban the shock rockers...A Texas state Senate committee approved a bill Friday that would keep state funds from being invested in companies that are "directly associated" with offensive lyrics, including necrophilia and other lurid or sexual acts.

SUPER CLONE: To the delight of men everywhere, German supermodel Claudia Schiffer said Friday that she dreams of being cloned. "I'd love to have two (clones) so that I could have more time for myself."

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